'Full House' Reunion

A revival of the sitcom "Full House" is reportedly in the works.
4:02 | 08/27/14

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Transcript for 'Full House' Reunion
Wikipedia this morning is all about the primetime Emmy Awards screech out it was a great show last night all television's biggest stars were gathered under one route to honor the best and brightest from small screen unless -- stand that breaking Baghdad didn't breaking bad big time -- -- -- -- by -- awards including outstanding drama series. Hard to believe it's been almost a year since the show actually went -- there. Staying power -- that also swept in the supporting acting category with Aaron Paul winning his third -- Anna Gunn winning her second for their roles on the -- it was Bryan -- who was the talk of town picking up his Ford who lead actor Emmy for his role as Walter White Eisenberg is. Awesome also allowed talk about a possible upset coming from matching the con paper his true detective role. Princeton even admitting that he thought about voting for CO. And keeping in the ABC family modern family making history for tying Frazier with its fifth. Consecutive Emmy win for best comedy series congrats to all of them especially Ty -- who for his supporting actor -- as. Of course that lovable dork you dad -- country and -- out the comedy categories Jim Parsons won his fourth -- for his role on the Big Bang theory the highest rated comedy on television. Winning her third consecutive -- the start HBO's meet Julia Louis drive this other issue as the heavy favorite she's insane -- acceptance speech. I'm a mess and I wreck I don't have anything prepared how -- -- dying Hackett. They may have had something to do with what happened -- on her way to the stage oh my goodness he's as did the very well. This lies in this is that moment that left everywhere little breathless especially Julia Louis-Dreyfus in this is what happened. -- winner Ryan Parent -- intercepted her on the way up to accept the award. He hadn't won yes but mandolin and -- goes into the chaos at the top spot stopwatch because this kiss went on eleven sec. Didn't -- who knew otherwise it's get like that afternoon and that he even backing Lloyd Frandsen trying to hang in there finally had to be pushed away by -- ballot. Although a lot with a huge surprise transit had apparently set up -- -- so I obviously I would hope that was set -- We -- -- she can play along despite anything -- -- on her -- but long before breaking backing Clinton dentists who was briefly. Dating Elaine enzyme found that they share that onscreen kiss so clearly was of -- liberals who think will exactly of course -- -- -- -- show that talking about. Fashion big fashion here lot of great looks last night on -- red carpet it was read in fact. The color of the night starting with -- make out -- usually drive -- -- in this lovely right down. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The ladies of mad men has seen red January Jones Christina Hendricks looking stunning as always a little inside -- families of the Everett. -- cool looking phenomenal hot. Hot hot and white Roberts at the -- and -- the new blacks are Taylor Schilling is looking fantastic. In this vintage number. And we want your take on this -- star -- death. The Al -- Erica -- -- -- come out here we asked the newsroom what they kind of bottom of this and some people said Fleming good dancer collided with an ice -- -- this weekend. And now this is the -- opinion this is not ours whatsoever we are merely mouth pieces of the descriptions on this exactly don't think that's a way out just Yasser -- this -- -- Perhaps it reached its latest -- -- -- -- -- -- there any experience in social -- this is what Jimmy Kimmel did with his wife Monica -- ticket subway these allies -- to Nokia -- -- -- more suspenders obviously paying tribute to Robin Williams. This was -- -- the after party is now under way Aaron Paul celebrating his next breaking that win with his wife there Clinton her anti bullying website during his speech. Crashing the web -- -- -- for -- well and not. Everyone waits until after two -- indulged -- -- to -- this shot. Therefore the big show so big Mac and Fries I think yeah. You know address what some think that you know what it -- well again address that once you've done shout out once -- squeezed and you are halfway there.

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{"id":25140493,"title":"'Full House' Reunion","duration":"4:02","description":"A revival of the sitcom \"Full House\" is reportedly in the works.","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-full-house-reunion-25140493","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}