Two Girls Sing about Single Life

Two friends collaborated on a song that hits on all the aspects of being a single young female.
2:57 | 08/29/14

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Transcript for Two Girls Sing about Single Life
Okay time now gonna make -- there's -- new -- by a couple of teenage ladies out there they've collaborated. To make this. And it's about being single and I guess it's pretty shine -- -- sixteen and single these days it's. Several rough life out there to be a teenager but it's good news I guess he's an inspiration for some reason musical. Forget what's funny looking back now. And yeah. I mean you know me this. Yeah. -- -- They're now undated thank you -- the work -- -- an interesting they say I haven't shave my legs since last October. And I don't remember the last time I was kissed sober. So that. What all -- well listen I don't relate to some of those lyrics. Also in the -- this Friday morning. I've got the go go broke out army's apparent capture everything up herself as general without tiger he's an amateur photographer Mason holding you -- got to go -- -- and Eagles. Snacking on salmon had to wheel in the -- -- then. And grabbed the gulf probably put that thing I don't like take a look at this can you imagine being in the grips of -- of -- -- Soaring high above the -- -- beautiful animal beautiful creatures great. -- -- our rights. Thought that -- -- -- now being what song are we doing. What -- -- safely but what will we would think to do is I'll play and you just. You know the site right Bubba and this is a business on comment to send fan and members. Take that role in the week to -- stuff you saw in the ozone man. Can you explain that makes you want to wait until you're not learning some -- world. -- -- -- The -- -- well I have -- -- guys down. World news -- What about this thing duke beat crew and even -- neighbors broke out here. And Renee. -- tell them how it's used to maybe that's the word you wrote song. The brilliant man who has worked the graveyard shift and then quietly go -- -- the Neptune and ABC's then join in -- I've always hungry we're live with that -- and she's had the world has called not the world. -- -- If you have heard this song before you know I was -- advancement. --

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{"id":25172386,"title":"Two Girls Sing about Single Life","duration":"2:57","description":"Two friends collaborated on a song that hits on all the aspects of being a single young female. ","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-girls-sing-single-life-25172386","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}