Man Searches for Best Ballpark Hot Dog

One man traveled around the country hitting all 30 Major League ballparks in search of the best hot dog. ABC's Josh Haskell met with Tom Lohr to discuss his journey.
3:47 | 08/28/14

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Transcript for Man Searches for Best Ballpark Hot Dog
-- Thursday morning everyone we are -- if you -- to a man who really loves. Hot dogs and -- so much that he -- to all thirty Major League ballparks. To find -- -- one -- is. Offer you an although it going good but he did not it doesn't ever lightly even creating a -- I would she would judge each and every dog. ABC's Josh -- talk to -- at New York's city. -- -- take a dog or politeness and try to get -- Dallas fans don't crowd got to get Muslim. That's -- Tom Moore uses sauerkraut is the final -- on a hot dog. It's a lesson he learned on his road -- eating his way through all thirty Major League Baseball politics. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. Another -- Woburn in the fabric of Americana than baseball and hot -- Navy veteran from -- -- slept -- his Toyota -- four driving nearly 191000. Miles from April through July. It's your mind. Islam -- he's traveled the big question is. Obviously. Here it is. It's a journey that's been done before but never with quite the emphasis on the hospital the third difference between having a hot dog. Outside in the parking lot of -- baseball stadium and then having it inside a Major League -- absolutely. It's. Why ballparks to make hot dogs things better. I thought of its music the sensory input he gets on the face the crack of the bat smack -- The -- the crowd still more invented a rating system for the ballpark experience which includes all that then. -- invented its own point system for ballpark hot dogs there -- six factors for each dog -- Pace. Toppings. Portability price and it back. Combining the two point systems one ballpark received a perfect score Baltimore's Oriole Park at Camden Yards Baltimore -- a good job. Having a great stadium and a decent price and great dog to be surprised. A lot going on and there. -- -- -- They got all these people and actual frank in the middle yet relish onions to -- the mustard. Usually. -- off. Hot dogs we'll -- Clean. Tom -- finance the trip on his own and also visited 35 minor league parks consuming a total of 75 hot dogs. He's now working on a book about his journey and you can read more about that on his law. Dan and -- he kept it very seriously all the points you had to hit upon -- -- -- you look at this and you but it first but really I mean. -- an impact in American culture from the hot dog from the ballpark in baseball. So Windsor park that kind of didn't rank. He would relish if you will. There was. The Boston Red Sox -- some very famous architecture the oldest park in Major League history. But Tom was not a fan of the park's north eastern -- Or what he called. They are scarce selection of top. Yeah northeastern but isn't this has been getting even more serious you have a specific -- -- -- -- -- -- -- having spent some -- avenue -- -- so this is basically -- -- it's not it's a -- -- rounded edge right it's almost like two pieces of bread. That have been refused to -- -- the bottom I'm guessing I don't know that's minority was missing that magical quality theater where the two pieces of -- come together it was just to individual. Piece of bread that had no relationship at all -- this hour hunger and starter for doctor -- -- is -- appreciate that.

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{"id":25156157,"title":"Man Searches for Best Ballpark Hot Dog","duration":"3:47","description":"One man traveled around the country hitting all 30 Major League ballparks in search of the best hot dog. ABC's Josh Haskell met with Tom Lohr to discuss his journey. ","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-man-searches-best-ballpark-hot-25156157","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}