Tasty Tips for the Most Important Meal of the Day

Chef Mark Bailey shares his recipes for making the perfect breakfast in bed.
4:23 | 04/28/15

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Transcript for Tasty Tips for the Most Important Meal of the Day
What I did spicy with some recipes make up. Perfect breakfast in bed chef Mark Bailey well T give thanks for having me and you've got a new book out let yet to take a look at it. SA YM boxes of a little police is that no that's about it. That's just the First Lady to down it came out of the way to keep your me in bed and do something out indicates it yeah. That sewers are you know you'll. Let's talk back as a bear but a little sparkly so you know. Barefoot bubbly Fitch's views it it's like animals and a bottle so it's really been simple really really affordable you don't even to do anything just get a chilled flew. Pop that bottle open poured in and you've got to go because they're flavored orange yes let aren't sweet peach as well as how. Found in all and that one bottle so it's really really great like is that it's it's easy you don't have to bother we try to mix things and get the portions right Hopkins yeah and Brett is a big got to be quick scene you didn't have some forethought with it and be quickly that's why I was gonna fat. And then estimates and he'll make it hit the first of what bacon I mean come on everything is best would be. But even better with Smith Newby can if you ask me I like to use that's about my sources is a bacon wraps its pepper shrimp over grits had a bad Alfonseca. Yeah but if the thick cut bacon which are really you light commentary with flavor really works well with that pepper seasoning man and you've got rid sent an angry at yet another great secret to really good credit you know everyone liked it at different consistency I come to collected a little thick curbs some people like a little loose -- think we know yet the find out what. Your honey lots guide. That if you got to notre restart definitely could then what I have here is an eggs Florentine data is basically take on you know your eggs Benedict with typically would spinach or something green are used TL OK. The land love this dish is because you can make it in advance. You know you can put all the movies together you can pop in refrigeration pump and if you just about two hours but if you make it overnight that's fine if you leave it overnight. In the morning pop in the oven you Honeywell had no idea that she was like slim degree angle. Taken away the pepper exactly and it's been the great surprise dish and it's meatless so once again you know it's those great kilometer assumptions and if you're doing a big brunch for other people almost you can yes definitely I like the size of things so you know you might want to make small sizes sometimes individuals tries to -- OK to feel really really good about getting like their own little individual side do what they listen and hear god that's different things here greatest guy you sell a red I used KL. On the egg makes of course you know use the egg custard or what have you and the the holiday so let's go over but I use a little Tabasco sauce in there as well to cut out not what can't read what love does exactly right with the spice. In the releases it. Get that ash and then of course. Chicken and waffles you know you can gladly take plastic exactly but I like to go with a jerk fried chick wow and so I create my own rub them basically for it and you know. Better that and then also Purdue tackle Greg comes to give that extra crust it's how and in excellent we can syrup to support all of it sounds fantastic and you were telling me that except that there's one trek. To doing fractions yes finger foods are important finger foods abouts are great I would even do that in a kabob you know you can use smoltz Dutch chicken nuggets hot. And just chop your your waffle opened small by pieces of creed as fewer and you get to go and that's great forget report cards among yep big groups as well as the absorbers on its it's always pretty gets includes a collar around as well how you you know how to get imagination from our breakfast I love him breakfast guru I love breakfast at. Story could you said you actually. When I only wish yes this just fell on my lap actually I decided to attend the cookbook and intending to cookbook. A mint leasing NASA she asked me be on his show and it does really took off from there. GSE you know a set Bailey was born at that moment. And let. So when you are trying to do or magic brightened here's some. Advice you would get people want to arm plan. I definitely plan I think sometimes when you wake up in the morning that's when you come let's say okay on the try to do this but you really knew each and planted the day before what have you because it'll work out so much better can land you -- what you can do the pre stepping exactly and then you know way no one wants to wait for breakfast a long time especially in that they added that episode. Quit. Yet but that's really my biggest biggest recommendation for anyone who wants a planet perfect person that do it early apparently. You've got despite that ideally I'd really gets you noted that Iraqis could. That's up front for that I had a longtime good LA I don't really impressive quite you can find these recipes and more. About chef Kelly on her website W and then fans dot com stay with us you're watching world news now. Vivacious grants.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"Chef Mark Bailey shares his recipes for making the perfect breakfast in bed. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"30637045","title":"Tasty Tips for the Most Important Meal of the Day ","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-tasty-tips-important-meal-day-30637045"}