World Speed Record Broken by Cheetah

Cincinnati Zoo's Sarah the cheetah ran the 100-meter dash in 5.95 seconds.
3:00 | 08/06/12

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Transcript for World Speed Record Broken by Cheetah
Well now it's time for the mix and again airlines now southwest -- plus -- Where is going to have this is wonderful deal what you could buy your ticket half price -- -- -- celebrating. The fact that they had three million fans on FaceBook. However when people went to buy the ticket somehow their credit cards were mistakenly bills at nearly forty times. Nearly forty times mercy ship -- people are getting 7000 dollar -- On on their credit cards and then they were calling to try to figure out what happened and they were kept on hold for two -- To get their credit card bill cleared up candidate -- -- -- -- more. Technical -- technical. -- technical question becomes. Don't fix it -- right their jobs not -- -- -- and letting with how to fix the aggravation. Two hours of aggravation the fund has been taken out of -- but they get a you know for the the name of security which is a good thing but anybody that that's that's pretty bad. Get get -- credit card system together southwest also agreed to watch and you watch the Olympics and want to help us track and field -- just. -- across the track well let's get loves the animal kingdom because now we -- -- -- you to introduce you to. Sarah -- -- at Cincinnati zoo she's an eleven year old cheetah and has set a new world speed. Record she -- a hundred meters in five point 95 seconds is better than human record by four. Second she was attracted 61 miles an hours so this -- -- -- -- creature of faster than using bull. It was a -- -- -- that little like Fuzzy -- you see there on the ground so to get him to run that fast. But this is the thing about this there and they don't collectibles fine that allows for the front -- to stretch far so cover twenty to 22 feet in one -- that's office. They're moving and are actually off the ground for a lot of it because they those calls we get this incredible track adds that perhaps it makes it goes so fast aggressive -- of Cincinnati zoo. Is the world's fastest preacher I'm impressed today -- president. But -- that is not that much faster than you stay involved four -- that even if that's pretty grim prophecies say they end up. Now psychologists say which we've talked about the Olympics that bronze medal winners are happier. Then silver medalists. -- so strange to me but when you when you -- a little bit more about the study apparently you know that the silver medalist feels like all my goodness. I just missed the gold and they sort of compare themselves. Of that one person the bronze medalist however feel that at least I got here is not hate everything got a -- look at all -- -- people didn't get anything and then they're happy I don't know how follow that. If that they get -- -- abroad I think it brought us here on one golf -- -- crime committed. Nothing but here's of the gulf storm overnight television about -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":16937206,"title":"World Speed Record Broken by Cheetah","duration":"3:00","description":"Cincinnati Zoo's Sarah the cheetah ran the 100-meter dash in 5.95 seconds.","url":"/WNN/video/world-speed-record-broken-by-cheetah-16937206","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}