The World's First Weight Loss Fragrance

The smell of this perfume will reduce appetite, but beware, there?s a 6,000-person waiting list.
2:56 | 07/31/12

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Transcript for The World's First Weight Loss Fragrance
And now. It's time for the -- I love this first story. You have now the world's first of weight loss fragrance it has been revealed that's right you soon prove you can begin -- you down just by this sent apparently dissent. Sort of cuts your appetite and I mean who doesn't want it it's called -- and more lot slimming -- view you know however if you want to get this six. -- hours and -- people are on -- Waiting lists 2001 because I want -- put -- -- -- -- weakness as well edited it isn't pregnant that picture Brandon making thinking voters -- Appetite suppresses your appetite it wins you slim -- and apparently -- very nice to have some management. Had some great that no innocent man. I mean come on now -- -- -- But whenever for you broke. -- -- that came out yesterday Brothers pretty fascinating you know we've all heard of this. Ancestry.Com website you can Trace your future hold genealogy and I think its -- area so they -- -- -- President Obama content find out. Let's do -- ideology has discovered pretty strong evidence of the president. Is the eleventh. Great grandson eleven great grandson of America's. First documented Africans enslaved even more surprising then that his of the whole connection comes through his mom who is -- not -- -- Who was -- here. -- -- -- I think he's pretty fast into the nation's first black president would be linked. To the nation's first documented Africans slain and also -- -- ever read here in this in the news months and months ago that's worth repeating. They also found that Obama is. Just -- related to Warren Buffett the billionaire and ironically enough. From Sarah I can remember that report that was her mom apple filed similar similar to -- open final where -- from edges -- yeah yeah there's -- -- -- another -- tonight. I forget these. There is -- like it's -- -- junior Eddie Hawkins turner she's 53 years old from Atlanta and her way to save. -- Maine yes yeah. World's largest -- yes she is actually in the Guinness book of world records. She is decides what over to triple AZ and they're off Matt all natural Jackson have appeared reality series called strange sex which is a reality show on TLC. DNC. -- careers -- -- as it is as a fantasy model she's been in over 250 self directed. Fetish videos and says -- never considered a reduction that he should fix what eight. Okay anyway last -- -- Moms are now slimming down and toning up by doing -- without their top of their basically using their children and as that dumb bells in certain weight. The loss classes I don't know I feel about that. This sounds dangerous I'm nervous six year old lady's breast.

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{"id":16892657,"title":"The World's First Weight Loss Fragrance","duration":"2:56","description":"The smell of this perfume will reduce appetite, but beware, there?s a 6,000-person waiting list.","url":"/WNN/video/worlds-weight-loss-fragrance-16892657","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}