WWII Vets Travel to Normandy for 70th Anniversary of D-Day

Events in Normandy, France commemorate D-Day which led to the collapse of Hitler's Germany.
2:42 | 06/06/14

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Transcript for WWII Vets Travel to Normandy for 70th Anniversary of D-Day
This half hour the major gathering on the coast of France this morning. World leaders and dignitaries including -- President Obama are in Normandy marking the seventieth anniversary of that proved to be a turning point in defeating German troops during World War II. ABC's Josh Haskell has the latest. -- -- So filled with -- right now and World War II veterans return to the -- beaches of Normandy. Flying the same planes used in the invasion. Sharing stories of what could be the final memorial pilgrimage for the youngest. 88 years old. Play overseas and here is good news in the daylight look down and see where were dropped and the paratroops -- -- -- it's unbelievable world leaders including President Obama. German chancellor Merkel French president old -- Queen Elizabeth the Second and Russian president Vladimir Putin or all in Norman. To mark the anniversary. -- We're doing everywhere and Aruba. Can give me the bitch. I didn't shoes and. The US ought to Russia. Has taken center stage. President Obama and President Putin. Both attending today's event in an effort to keep both leaders apart until today. France's president -- lawn hosted two dinners last night one with Obama won with Putin. Politics aside the living heroes who made the trip to France and turn the fortunes of war then and now. Represent what this anniversary is all -- There's mold too -- share they it's -- thousands already put the shine shoes shouldn't be back at the state. Well played well all right through it. The jury that. Except for a group of 650 British veterans who retrace the route Thursday aboard a British warship. A special day jobs for every -- seven years ago remarkable -- modern day politics still playing into everything what do you expect later today. -- all eyes are on that launch present whole long hosting presence Obama and prudent. People hoping that they'll put their differences aside for the solemn day could really be an awkward moment in -- and then -- trying to avoid that's all we can. ABC's John -- thank you -- --

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{"id":24022402,"title":"WWII Vets Travel to Normandy for 70th Anniversary of D-Day","duration":"2:42","description":"Events in Normandy, France commemorate D-Day which led to the collapse of Hitler's Germany.","url":"/WNN/video/wwii-vets-travel-normandy-70th-anniversary-day-24022402","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}