'Young Adult': Review

Digital news associate Jackie Fernandez reviews the Charlize Theron comedy.
2:56 | 01/09/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Young Adult': Review
Yeah so there. I see the devil inside from a I have to turn away. -- -- -- -- Freaks me out stomach. Finds out that he had this morning our intrepid review or avoided all the films did you assault mentioned there and since she went to see if elements getting some critical acclaim and it's been nominated for a Golden Globe Award here to tell us about it about young -- is. Another Nadal Jackie Fernandez. And how did you bring -- -- -- and -- not. He not it the out of the budget after our -- -- a lot of -- young adults there. And so it's this movie's star Charlize Theron she was nominated for a Golden Globe for best actress in a comedy. And she did a great job -- -- this woman who by society's standards is successful. She is a writer of teen fiction she was in her own apartment and big city of Minneapolis. And you know she's live in our own life but behind the scenes you -- she's really sad and to. Pressed against -- and youth movement has this actually. Have been seeing quite a bit of but he. And remember you -- -- -- school. And in order to you you know relieved that Saturday she thinks what -- what better way things go hunter holds small town. Rekindled -- romance with a high school boyfriend and you know live a happy life but the only problem he's married with a new -- babies. Yeah a lot of people -- this movie they did not like this found that -- -- outlets to. Does not believe -- that's -- technical. They went way I think she's a -- Here's the story was also invited him. -- -- -- -- Hussein and knowing that Stevens that he. Its earnings. Let's take back -- -- -- -- -- So it's not like people -- like the film when she was good and yes yes I want you love it didn't like the film but -- Charlize Theron was great and it because she just is that character it's so easy to believe. That -- that horrible -- miserable. But they don't like the film because it's not a typical Hollywood movie you know Hollywood movies they have. A very tell and then -- -- -- you -- that I give it could have dies because I love Charlie found. Performance might know people don't like the -- because. You know. -- are happy ending.

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{"id":15320766,"title":"'Young Adult': Review","duration":"2:56","description":"Digital news associate Jackie Fernandez reviews the Charlize Theron comedy.","url":"/WNN/video/young-adult-movie-review-15320766","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}