The Youngest Member of Mensa

A 5-year-old Canadian boy becomes the youngest member of Mensa.
2:54 | 07/02/13

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Transcript for The Youngest Member of Mensa
Welcome to the next everybody you know all of us parents think we have the smartest kid in town -- -- in the whole entire world what's the other is a little boy in Canada might just be the smartest little boy around he is. The youngest boy to be accepted into meant so much as a membership for -- -- tell you just yet occurred and genius people in there is there is -- category forget. This is Adam Kirby. -- is five years old now but when he was just two years old. He was -- -- like he -- -- hit and he scored a 141 points at more than any president of the United States. So the way that they're in his parents candidates I didn't -- Haven't really intelligent get on our hands is when he was 23 months old -- apparently self. Taught himself self potty trained himself after reading about the subject. That's -- -- twenty very much. As I was sent said he would probably need to get him tested he took the IQ test when he was just two years old -- -- two years and five months. He -- men -- as. Most intelligent. Boy youngest boy in the club very clearly -- -- intelligent as -- you are they were set -- Asked that they are the most intelligent the whole world. It's and it's fashion models we know that you have to be skinny and you know all this -- but this is a little twist on out of fashion model cut but reportedly. From a runway show up across her chest was -- -- Yeah -- models walk the runway for Christian Dior show in Paris but Jordan -- wasn't among them but she pleaded she was cut from the lineup because of her body. Can seem too upset about of the 22 year old actually is very busy she works as a ton of things but. She said -- -- immediately after getting cut for the chest size it's. Mine so I guess you just except -- a wreck reality of the bids but for a bottle those two big. You know -- pick -- a compliment. Yeah right I mean first of all she's stunning how dare you marriage in that area over -- exactly consider that you know. Crazy big enough that -- standard chest about right if you ask me but there are lots right I got no complaints that very down. Okay great story. There's -- -- that man is working at a -- we'll befriended a teacher at. They were talking about the fact that he -- -- daughter has earned paycheck goes away apparently a -- winner comes back to write a check for 101000 dollars and says this should help you. The game that was -- the 101000 dollar -- that take the third at a that in. And use the rest for you and your your family and and your daughter and -- -- -- I do it's it's a really great -- in you know. The gentleman who received the money sent to. -- hope that there are really. Real quick run -- -- time. Little boy loses his -- that symbolizes that and Afghanistan have targeted New Jersey a woman finds it boasts not based -- get it back. -- -- recently adding every night not that.

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{"id":19551276,"title":"The Youngest Member of Mensa","duration":"2:54","description":"A 5-year-old Canadian boy becomes the youngest member of Mensa.","url":"/WNN/video/youngest-member-mensa-19551276","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}