Skinny: Zachary Quinto Comes Out

The "Star Trek" and "Heroes" actor reveals that he's gay.
1:38 | 10/17/11

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Transcript for Skinny: Zachary Quinto Comes Out
A new romance casually dating that is Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez now their reps aren't necessarily confirming this but they have been spotted together. They are sent to be dating so we've had better burn out we call them -- affirmed ran that winds up something along the W -- well you know she's nearly divorce forced out on the market she looks great. I think his name what sexiest woman in the world. Can you imagine if they had kids how beautiful they would be. Apple should just haven't suffered no I'm not I'm not -- -- they're not a beautiful kids as well and we're kind of jumping the gun put my fingers crossed the concept anyway. Yeah we've obviously -- -- the best of luck of that. This is a very -- strike that was -- it was great Zachary Quintero. Who played Spock in Star Trek. He came out -- -- He came out in a very nonchalant way He was doing an article. For New York magazine and He said the reason why He came out was the fact that debt. He was inspired. By. A young boy they -- committed suicide. He was gay He He made and it gets better video and Zachary said that that has really. Encouraged him to say you know what as a gay man -- -- to come out and with -- -- the strong which is very nice to see plus he's 34 I'm 35 I'm thinking. I thought I come I can lose my distraction about -- actors write from now on me. It NL it was really touching on his blog what you wrote about that young man and just wanting to reach out and hopefully you know let other folks know that it doesn't. Yes it absolutely does who does. There's certainly and a great story -- report done.

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{"id":14752055,"title":"Skinny: Zachary Quinto Comes Out","duration":"1:38","description":"The \"Star Trek\" and \"Heroes\" actor reveals that he's gay.","url":"/WNN/video/zachary-quinto-reveals-that-hes-gay-14752055","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}