Zendaya, Pickler Top 'DWTS' Leaderboard

Disney star Zendaya Coleman ties with country singer Kellie Pickler.
3:36 | 03/26/13

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Transcript for Zendaya, Pickler Top 'DWTS' Leaderboard
-- is anyone's doing dampened my head with dancing with the -- and -- when he got. We got the top and the bottom so on the top Kellie Pickler and David Derek -- with 26 as well and then die and out trucks compete. And it -- Talking with 26 as well this little girl in sixteen years old and she ED while turning out that can't fly often. Every time she gets on the dance floor she is but what about her years beyond what anybody is expecting. Disney princess is nothing can be treated well and Dancing With The Stars in this Disney princess she is being shaken -- that show on Disney. Is doing a wonderful job there -- Kelly that she's also wonderful they had this whole thing going of them barely there outfit. And they both went very hot she is -- -- in shape gal. A couple of people that are on the -- -- -- he -- not interest -- man is she did not do well last week didn't much better this week. The judges were not -- time and they think she you know she did a lot of she had a lot of this ignorant teen and they wanted to see better from her. And immediately he did not do well either but -- stock haven't night wise and he did he actually have like a little. -- guaranteeing Daryn now get an accurate team during the whole thing and he did really well he got a twenty -- in the development. -- It wasn't it was just very endearing a lot of people like -- especially the judges and -- -- that matters so. So much better than. Week and he's back at least actually the any didn't. It looked pretty good out there are getting very spirited you're exactly right yet yet beloved guys tried hard that's our you have Mary can't take yes -- the founder of Playboy magazine how many of the -- he's not just that didn't. Then and. I can't even in the did in his in his all -- you can't -- that many hitting grow at a number of Sonata number. -- -- 8300 instead and he says how could possibly know but over a thousand I'm sure. These tells us why. Magazine that it's really hard to give an exact figure body you know he says that there were chunks it was like when he was married him he was married he never cheated so he's made up -- when he wasn't married. Because I'm sure its fast selling saying he had over -- 1000 live within these aren't a thousand women he sure. And he said he saved the best for last we know that he's 86 -- -- -- is recently married -- -- Keeping up with the number is the only thing that he's got to worry about right now look at the impact. So let's -- on to something -- Don't warrant serious Riyadh now we all have heard about Arianna and the fact that she is all over the news -- some good reasons recently up. Well apparently she's been told she's been forced to cancel two dates on her diamond's a world tour because she's a suffered a bout of laryngitis that happened earlier this month we'll take a look. -- pictures that she usually -- out personal -- I heard -- morning gain an event that her partying. -- reportedly been told that she took her her party it'll lifestyle and he wants to fulfill these touring commitments apparently -- -- Thursday. That she needs to slow this plays out down. Yeah she -- the smoking and drinking well apparently take -- -- -- under house. And it's gonna say hey why for a body to recover if she's ever going to actually make it on this -- so they started to. We'll cancel a couple of David -- and he added together. Smoking and drinking and partying like she's got a -- because she is out of control. Yes has and when you're going to do next yeah performance schedule you you've really got to start didn't everybody catches up to news -- curbed my parting ways world business.

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{"id":18811661,"title":"Zendaya, Pickler Top 'DWTS' Leaderboard ","duration":"3:36","description":"Disney star Zendaya Coleman ties with country singer Kellie Pickler.","url":"/WNN/video/zendaya-pickler-tops-18811661","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}