Organic Junk Food?

As the organic food industry finds its way out of health food stores and into major retail chains, it begs the question just how far can this trend go?

Will organic food invade other aisles of the market, beyond produce, meat, dairy and grains to eventually reach junk food?

"You find all the big players getting involved," said author Michael Pollan. "We look forward to the day, or dread the day, when there is organic Coca-Cola, organic junk food and we're well on our way to that."

He's written about the food production process and said with organic becoming such big business, it's no surprise Wal-Mart and other major retailers now offer these foods.

Pollan said as more food companies look to add organic products, there could be unexpected benefits. While organic cola would not be considered "health food," it might add some some life to the planet.

"There will also have to be tens of thousands of acres of corn fields that will have to be converted to organic to make all the organic high fructose corn syrup to sweeten all that soda," he said. "That is tens of thousands of acres of the American landscape that will not have chemicals like atrozine poured on them and pollution of the water and the cost to farm workers that comes from exposure to those chemicals. So that's a wonderful thing."

While there's a potential environmental gain, he's not sure organic soda will do much for human health, saying, "I don't think so."

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ABC News' Bill Weir contributed to this report.