19-year-old arrested off campus in deadly Florida school shooting

Sources have identified the alleged shooter as Nikolas Cruz.
4:15 | 02/14/18

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Transcript for 19-year-old arrested off campus in deadly Florida school shooting
You're welcome. Scenes like these today, shootings at schools, an all-too familiar sight across this country. This shooting, by one count, the 18th just this year. Multiple fatalities at several of those shootings. And this evening, what we're now learning at this hour about the suspect, Nikolas Cruz. Here's ABC's chief justice correspondent Pierre Thomas tonight. Reporter: This is the young man seen here in handcuffs, wearing black combat-style boots, believed to have committed today's has sacker. Thought to have ties to a school now etched into the country's violent history of mass shootings. He was found offcampus. I don't exactly know where. I believe he was found in the city of Coral Springs, by a coconut creek police officer. That's unconfirmed right now. Reporter: Arrested offcampus, sources identifying him to ABC news as Nikolas Cruz. And a law enforcement source telling ABC news that an assault-style rifle may have been used in today's carnage. He was not a current student. I wasn't there, but I was told there was no confrontation. He was -- can you hear me? He was taken into arrest without incident. I believe he's approximately 18 years old. Reporter: The school shooting today marked at least the 18th so far this year, and it is also sympt sympt symptomatic of a nation where mass shootings in which four of more people are shot in an incident, have become. And Pierre, we know the ATF and the FBI on the scene tonight. The hard work to really find the motive here. Reporter: David, the FBI is now conducting an intensive background check, looking for social media footprints and any ties to extremist groups. So far, no evidence pointing toward terrorism, but it's early in this investigation, David, and sources tell me, no resource will be spared to find a motive. All right, Pierre, thank you. I'm joined tonight by ABC news crime and terrorism expert Brad Garrett. And Brad, this suspect was captured, I know that's rare, often in these mass shootings, the shooters take their own lives before authorities can get to them. That's true. This guy apparently wanted to be famous alive. But think James Holmes, Aurora, Colorado, and the movie theater. He walked out the back door and surrendered. And Brad, the suspect was a former student, that's what we believe, at this point from authorities there on the scene, a former student at the school. What does that tell us, obviously, about possible links to some of the students still attending class there? Because the school is the issue, David, in his mind. Much like Adam Lanza went back to sandy hook. He hadn't been there in years. It's what the school represented in his mind. Brad Garrett with us, a former FBI agent, our terrorism analyst, Brad, thank you, as always.

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{"id":53095393,"title":"19-year-old arrested off campus in deadly Florida school shooting","duration":"4:15","description":"Sources have identified the alleged shooter as Nikolas Cruz.","url":"/WNT/video/19-year-arrested-off-campus-deadly-florida-school-53095393","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}