20 Million People in Storm-Threat Zone

The powerful tornadoes have been noteworthy spectacles, even for seasoned storm chasers.
3:13 | 05/10/16

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Transcript for 20 Million People in Storm-Threat Zone
And as we come on tonight, reports of yet another monster of a tornado on the ground right now. A tornado emergency has been declared as a twister now heads to more populated areas in parts of Oklahoma. Also, this massive tornado already, moving across northeast Colorado. The drivers in those cars dwarfed by the tornado's size. An ef-2. Winds easily more than 100 miles per hour. First tonight, the warning to shelter in place in Hickel and Roth, Oklahoma, with watches in effect in three states now. Meteorologist rob Marciano with the new east word, but ABC's kayna Whitworth. Reporter: Meteorologist Damon lane warning viewers to take cover. Continues to make its way closer and closer to I-35. Reporter: Live choppers showing destruction. This latest Twitter part of the same system that brought these terrifying scenes to the plains. Near the small town of WRAY, Colorado, the storms dropping a tornado that looks like it's made in Hollywood. It's coming down. Reporter: Going from a thin streak to a quarter-mile wide monster. Oh, my god. Reporter: Stormchaser Gabe cox on it from the beginning. It was probably the most amazing tornado we have seen. Reporter: Tracking more than eight miles, an ef-2 with 130 mile-an-hour winds. Then it stops. A wall of wind and dirt spinning in place. Debris somersaulting across the road. Gabe telling us he used those white clouds hundreds of feet up as a guide to stay safe. As long as we were outside of that and the wall cloud, there was no real risk. Reporter: The storms flattened homes, flipped trailers and tangled power lines. Five people injured. And kayna Whitworth with us live tonight. That tornado emergency, kayna, of course, means a large and destructive cornet toe on the ground right now. What are they telling people in the area? Reporter: Yeah, David, right now, first of all, we got a lot ofeports of extensive damage. And they are telling people in Roth and Hickory county to take cover. Many of them having to run to these underground shelters just like this one, in order to survive the storm. David? We know the people who live in those parts of Oklahoma know to take this seriously. Kayna, thank you. And you're tracking this as well, tonight, rob. Reporter: Yeah, from the damage I've seen, she's right. If they have a storm shelter, that's their best bet tonight. The one storm that we're zeroed in now is southeast of Oklahoma by about an hour. You see it blasting there. Half a dozen tornado warnings happening right now, and the one that has done the most damage, south and east of Oklahoma City. At times, has been rain-wrapped, so, that means it is difficult to see and as night comes on us, that's going to make it even more dangerous. We have tornado warnings all the way up to Lincoln, Nebraska. This is the area of concern tonight. Gets into Little Rock into the overnight hours. Damaging wind, large hail and obviously tornadoes. And a bet of a break tomorrow, David, but another threat on Thursday. Very anxious times. You'll see on this, rob, thank you.

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{"duration":"3:13","description":"The powerful tornadoes have been noteworthy spectacles, even for seasoned storm chasers. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"38996398","title":"20 Million People in Storm-Threat Zone","url":"/WNT/video/20-million-people-storm-threat-zone-38996398"}