200,000 people evacuated in Northern California as more rain is expected

Part of a key spillway cratered while a second spillway follows suit at Oroville, America's tallest dam.
3:48 | 02/14/17

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Transcript for 200,000 people evacuated in Northern California as more rain is expected
Good evening, and it's great to have you with us on a Monday night, and we begin at the scene playing out at America's tallest dam. A second spillway in trouble too. More than 200,000 people evacuated. We reported last week, and you can see the waters raging over the spillway. Underneath that growing crater. Emergency crews can't shut off the water because levels at that dam are already at dangerous highs. With that spillway and another one in trouble, the evacuations. Many were given an hour's warning, and some even less. ABC's kayna Whitworth is on the scene tonight R. Reporter: This is the image that started the alarm. Over a gaping hole. Now the race to reroute the water causing bigger problems. The damage and erosion so severe emergency officials fear the worst. If the area doesn't hold, a wall of water could spill into the surrounding resident yal areas. This the the feather river already swelling over its banks. If that spillway fails, a million more gallons of water were enter this river every second. More than 200,000 people told to evacuate. The laters coming in by phone and text. This resident said he had five minutes to leave. Her phone started going off, and we loaded up the kids and took off. Reporter: Dishes left on the table at this abandoned Denny's. Those fleeing stuck in bumper to bumper traffic for hours. Gas stations overwhelmed. I'm scared because I have never been in anything like this ever be. Reporter: Motorists tweeting photos of their ordeal through the night. I have been stuck in this spot for 20 minutes, and I'm not going nowhere. Reporter: In northern California, now at record levels and in danger of spilling over after a series of storms. At 770 feet high, the dam is America's tallest. It releases water from lake oroville, and a massive hole last week developed in its concrete base to allow water over this wall into the adjacent emergency spillway. Here are the dramatic images of the dam in 1968 leading to that dangerous erosion. Right behind me, these are the giant bags they are filling up T with rocks to drop into the hole, and they are 4 feet tall. Emergency responder around the scene. One of the solutions to increase the flow of water with the giant hole to take the pressure off the second emergency spillway. More than one olympic swimming pool of water rushing through every single second, and officials say, it's working, but this image shows how close the dam is to the town of oroville which tonight is a ghost town. Many sleeping at shelters on cots and among those waiting to come home, this 18-year-old. It was just beyond crazy seeing that city changed in a matter of minutes. So much concern tonight, and kayna is with us live. Kayna, concerns with the first spillway in that crater. Then the second spillway next to it over the weekend, and major problems there as well. But tonight, on the eve of more rain coming, progress to report? Reporter: David, officials are not able to lift those evacuation orders despite the fact those lake levels have fallen a little bit, and there is no more water going over the second emergency spillway. They are just using the first one that initially caused some problems, but we do have more rain in the forecast, so David, they are being extra cautious out here. David. Tentative hope tonight. Kayna, thank you. We turn next tonight to several major developments from

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{"duration":"3:48","description":"Part of a key spillway cratered while a second spillway follows suit at Oroville, America's tallest dam.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"45471625","title":"200,000 people evacuated in Northern California as more rain is expected","url":"/WNT/video/200000-people-evacuated-northern-california-rain-expected-45471625"}