2011 Comes to an End

World News takes a look back at the most exciting stories of the year.
5:11 | 12/30/11

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Transcript for 2011 Comes to an End
Is hard to believe just how much we've witnessed together our journey this year to trip to Egypt and Japan and of course in this country Joplin Missouri to. But it was this story that broke at the beginning of the year that brought so much heartbreak by year's end bringing us the most hope. Two. We -- following this developing story and it comes to -- Tucson Arizona gunman opening fire shooting congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. More than a dozen. Yeah heard what exactly. Having lived and -- She doesn't have a mean bone in her body from -- -- she's a gift. To this country. Ever the best -- racing at the speed of a Jumbo jets. Heroes that rescue mission -- -- to live. Word tonight of an issue at a nuclear site which of the very least could be uncharted territory. This image -- Girl who's been isolated for decontamination we'll -- an extraordinary access to the test site using Geiger counters and hand held scanners the most vulnerable children. And they get your grandmother you've been. -- when your grandmother was okay okay. A this is Joplin before. This is Joplin after -- yeah. That you can see all around David Muir in -- here it's 360. Degree destruction he's about -- three as we drove through Joplin 150. Descriptions of the missing on the radio through still on the strap the helmet and suffer the way back I know the helmet -- -- -- are you Sarah so yeah. Six months later back in Joplin finds -- to. States is conducted an operation that killed. Osama bin Laden leader of al-Qaeda and over forty minutes seal -- six aimed straight for his handed to ensure they got him the. Ten year war the longest in America's history are we winning this -- we have had a great deal of six. After eight years of the war in Iraq. -- is finally ending American troops coming home. Yeah. Yeah. ABC news. This was the first American network to travel to the scene of one of the biggest human crises on the globe. This is it the final ten miles on that stretch that long painful journey from Somalia near the refugee camps in Kenya is -- -- his -- did not -- kids that you hostages Tuesday -- and a -- She gave birth to her baby on the -- -- -- -- -- me from the young -- coming from Somalia. Muslim nation. -- question is will other strong -- -- -- -- part of the world be the next ago almost medieval -- says this man gave him. Riding on horses and I'm Hamels taking -- with the very protesters have been demanding Egypt's president stepped down you hate us. Yeah. Still what is allowed -- we want to be safe -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Dangerous streets of Cairo to question me. Embattled Egyptian president -- get I have not the kind of person who on I can get I will die on Egyptian soil. The -- is gone -- just. Thirty years of control. US not firing missiles and another explanation Libya -- left me only do you believe me at all but if they do -- And dive into the board like me and -- may be -- tonight Moammar Qaddafi is dead. Protests continue against the big banks -- An air -- and similar protests are popping up across America isn't good -- right hand right now. Third of this -- and watching all the majesty. Pageantry and history. And the -- -- -- -- -- last seven minutes as a -- Yeah. Congresswoman -- real difference. Fighting back from that tragic day in Tucson to understand where she is today. To look back and wanted to suggest here. Their own words from Mark Carney. -- thank you. I think it wanted to give -- two craftsman houses now my boo me. The congresswoman in the end teaching -- all you can never give up.

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{"duration":"5:11","description":"World News takes a look back at the most exciting stories of the year. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"15256554","title":"2011 Comes to an End","url":"/WNT/video/2011-year-comes-to-an-end-world-news-look-back-exciting-stories-international-15256554"}