Obama Expects a Long Night

Jake Tapper tracks the latest from the president's campaign headquarters.
3:00 | 11/06/12

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Transcript for Obama Expects a Long Night
And it is your voice your vote will be lighting up our back here -- election headquarters. And we also thank you all day long you have sent us pictures proving how much you care about this vote that we saw you lining up before dawn and Virginia. Braving the lions rain and Florida have children and -- And even guys -- surf boards of bare feet -- in Chicago Obama who went to the polls while she was in labor and then went -- to the hospital. And what about the candidates in these last moments the two men who have been racing to the finish lines but the -- proving determination. And stamina. And ABC's White House correspondent Jake Tapper starts us off in Chicago where the president is with his family. Waiting for results day. Good evening on this exciting night Diane President Obama and his campaign are girding themselves for a long night the president has said. This might spill into the morning but he fully expects that by tomorrow. He will be reelected. It is out of his hands and in New York what falafel. At a Chicago campaign field office today President Obama called volunteers in Wisconsin to thank them for their hard work. Barack Obama you. I'm doing. You know. I don't think -- -- His message has been one of staying the course forward gets painted himself as a warrior for the middle class -- -- But today another message and olive branch -- also want to say it. Governor Romney congratulations on a spirited campaign. Later today joined by legendary Chicago bulls' Scottie pippin and some of his old Chicago friends the president played basketball. And Election Day superstition. He did not do so the day of the 2008 New Hampshire primary which she lost and he is not repeated that mistake. -- not taking anything for granted Vice President Biden -- regular who made a quick stop in tightly contested must win buckeye battleground Ohio. The -- -- printed -- that Cleveland hitters with his particular folksy charm. Yeah. -- -- But I don't -- county -- and it has been an emotional home stretch for the president especially late last night with his wife. In this state that launched his national career Iowa. As you know. This is a pretty emotional time for us because this is the final event. Of my husband's final campaign. Sleep deprived in the battle of his life and standing in the freezing cold the president's -- old familiar faces in the crowd of 20000 before him. All of you live and breathe hard work of change I want to thank you tears stream down his face. That's the spirit. -- -- through the trials and tribulations last four years. And now President Obama is in a suite at the Fairmont Hotel he is. Waiting for his family his girls have -- they flew here. After -- school with the president's mother in law they'll be watching the returns at the hotel the president is expected to return to Washington DC Diane tomorrow afternoon.

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{"id":17657258,"title":" Obama Expects a Long Night","duration":"3:00","description":"Jake Tapper tracks the latest from the president's campaign headquarters.","url":"/WNT/video/2012-presidential-election-betweeen-barack-obama-mitt-romney-17657258","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}