21-year-old suspected gunman in custody in connection with the shooting at Texas mall

ABC chief justice correspondent Pierre Thomas reporting the details.
3:54 | 08/04/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 21-year-old suspected gunman in custody in connection with the shooting at Texas mall
The 21 year old suspect. Is in custody witnessed the scene he gunned down the shoppers in cold blood at that Texas small. ABC Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas learning from his sources what police are now doing at the suspect's home. Tonight. We're learning the alleged shooters name. Patrick Chris CS 21 years old from Allen Texas accused of carrying out what appears to be one of the most deadly mass shootings in recent memory. The horrific scene playing out all to routinely reports of a lone gunman armed with a rifle calmly walking into a shopping sooner. Coldly murdering customers. We need to while mark Bartlett secured. People or any other American has got. Law enforcement sources telling us to death count at least eighteen dead dozens more wounded these type of shootings happening with the increasing frequency. The gun violence archive reporting that their bin more than 240 mass shooting so far this year in this that were at least four people are wounded not including the shooter. You have to keep in mind what motivates mash shooters is power and control it doesn't surprise me one debt that worse now serving starting to have what I would call sort of a ripple effect. Of multiple mass shootings. The United States not unique would this history of mass carnage El Paso will join a long list that includes. Las Vegas 58 killed. Orlando. 49 murdered. Virginia Tech 32 massacred. And park at seventeen killed. All of those killings done by a single shooter. Pierre Thomas joins us live and here it looks like this was also the work of a single shooter it's extremely early but what do we know about the gun. Tom tonight sources are telling us that the FBI searching a home in Allen Texas that they believe is associated with a suspected shooter. Is still that they hope to find some details that may point to motive all we know now is that the shooters a young man in his twenties with deadly intentions stomped. Pierre Thomas for us tonight Pierre thank you. Next to the witnesses to the horror but a societies had just pulled into the Wal-Mart parking lot when she spotted the gunman and realize what she was witnessing. I spoke to her earlier tonight. They saw this year she was working toward that door. From its at one point he's. And he turned to the right. And just started he pointed his rightful down and started shooting is not news to people that weren't there. And she shot a couple times maybe two or three trying to bring. After that he straightened his gun in it he just walked into Wal-Mart. I'm very confident Meehan and he not look like she was on a mission. She wouldn't wearing some patent camel colored. Cargo pants with a black T shirt jeans carrying a rifle. Current art Biden black racial. He is very calm she is shooting randomly. People that warn your guy and they look to it right at me and they were nearly fourteen. I believe to her car she had her current streak in her car and all the sudden she felt. At the end of it all there in the outright people internal the Turkey Iraq in front of the sort just playing there. You're trying to drive out of this but you're witnessing all the shooting happening at the same time. Searching our thinking on millions you know I'm my mom's safety my son's safety Mike Bell split I couldn't stop thinking about. Those people that we're doing in the party line when I saw the rental and I saw Hulu content. Wearing that your mind certain I don't know he called lent the one thing I'll never forget is boy she locked into Wal-Mart the very. Confident there he. She would on a mission. And actually hit me. Vanessa sans a mother who saw how it all began.

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"ABC chief justice correspondent Pierre Thomas reporting the details.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"64756609","title":"21-year-old suspected gunman in custody in connection with the shooting at Texas mall","url":"/WNT/video/21-year-suspected-gunman-custody-connection-shooting-texas-64756609"}