25 Tornadoes Hit South

Twisters sweep through Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee.
2:57 | 01/23/12

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Transcript for 25 Tornadoes Hit South
Something terrifying to the south by surprise last night no warning 25 tornadoes striking in less than 24 hours. -- through for states in the darkness and this was the scene today. In Alabama Arkansas Mississippi and Tennessee. Where entire neighborhoods were wiped out -- family slept at least two are dead 100 injured. And we know that tornadoes peak in May or June so no one could believe this is happening now in winter. ABC's Steve since -- in Alabama reports on the freakish frightening new weather pattern Steve. Good evening -- and it feels like we've been here before. And we have the tornado that hit here last night destroyed some of the same homes. That were hit the last go -- families who lived here we're lucky to get out alive. It was so terribly frightening in the middle of the night the sound of sirens -- families across Alabama out of their beds. And then came the sound of the tornado with wind speeds clocked at a 150 miles an hour faster than a high speed train. -- Twisting giant trees flattening neighborhoods and cutting a deadly path. It's total destruction. It was an experience for married -- will go through the -- More than a hundred people were hurt some trapped in homes like this one -- 81 year old Bobby -- lost his life. Sixteen year old Christina Michael -- was also killed she was an honor student sang in her high school choir. Her friends say she sang like an Angel but what were you doing -- -- I was covered up. -- with my pillow over my. -- Andrea Johnson says god was watching over her she showed us what's left of her home some -- -- made it -- that -- to her safe place in time. What do you think you know. What I look and went back. Shares my home -- In an instant. Her daughter and granddaughter drove hours through the darkness to make sure she -- -- The pictures look so familiar this panoramic image reminded us so much of the tornadoes here last April. That killed nearly 240 people it's. It reminds me of April. -- -- we all went through and -- so sad scientists say it's rare to see such a strong so deadly tornado this early in the year. But warm -- in the south collided with cold air from the north. At just the right moment at the most unfortunate time of night. Earlier this month there were also tornadoes. In Texas and North Carolina to Diane -- Steve what have you learned about how people can be alerted in the middle of the night -- their -- Well one suggestion -- to go to web sites like FEMA dot com. Register your phone number and then they will call you with alerts in the middle of the night. So that wake you up in the middle of the night that's FEMA dot com thank you Steve since --

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"Twisters sweep through Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"15424133","title":"25 Tornadoes Hit South","url":"/WNT/video/25-tornadoes-hit-south-overnight-15424133"}