30 states under winter weather alerts

States from Texas to Florida, and all the way up to Maine, are getting ready for a major storm to strike.
3:46 | 01/02/18

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Transcript for 30 states under winter weather alerts
And we begin tonight with the monster storm intensifying right off the east coast. It's going to hit overnight and right into the morning. Take a look at the track of this thing. Florida first. A state of emergency just declared in Georgia. The cars on alert. Schools closed in some places already. And then all the way up the coast to Maine. Add this to the deadly cold. 30 states under alert at this hour. Blizzard conditions in Buffalo causing a massive and deadly crash today. Firefighters battling the flames at a burning apartment building in the bronx, hampered by the freezing cold. Ginger zee has the new track of the storm system on the coast, but first, gio Benitez on the deadly pileup, the images coming in right now. Reporter: Tonight, relentless blizzard conditions pummeling western New York. A stretch of interstate 90 near Buffalo shut down after this massive chain reaction crash. Miles of traffic. Miles. Reporter: More than 20 vehicles directly involved. At least person killed and another seriously injured. Visibility down to near zero. You could can't see a gosh darn thing in front of you. Reporter: With half of the country in a deep freeze, many schools delaying classes today or canceling them altogether. Most of our children walk to school, majority of them walk to school and a lot of them are not prepared for this type of weather. Reporter: That prolonged cold has water mains bursting from Massachusetts to Missouri, coating cars in ice. In Baltimore, streets turning into ice Rinks. The cold dipping so far south, roads dangerously slick even in Houston. In the Dallas Fort Worth area Sunday, that scare for a police officer slipping on the ice, a sliding car narrowly missing the officer. In Chicago, crews lighting fires to keep rail switches from freezing. In Indianapolis, officials releasing 911 calls from a desperate rescue. It's a pond behind my house. The car is falling through. Reporter: A dive team picking a woman from her car, submerged 12 feet in an icy pond new year's eve. The driver in critical condition. In Maryland, three others rescued from this car overnight. In New York City, more than 400 firefighters battling a seven-alarm apartment fire and 13 degree temperatures in the bronx. Residents racing to get out. By the time we opened the door in the hallway, there was black smoke. Reporter: More than 20 injured. The fire fight believing behind a thick coating of ice. And gio Benitez live with us at the scene of that fire tonight. And gio, this cold stretching all the way from the north, where we are here in New York, all the way down to Texas tonight. Reporter: That's right, David. We just learned in Houston, two people died because of this cold weather. And here in New York, at that bronx apartment building, we know the people who lived here are now homeless.

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{"id":52104527,"title":"30 states under winter weather alerts","duration":"3:46","description":"States from Texas to Florida, and all the way up to Maine, are getting ready for a major storm to strike.","url":"/WNT/video/30-states-winter-weather-alerts-52104527","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}