300 Reports of Severe Weather Nationwide

Violent spring weather including tornadoes, snow and high winds causes accidents and power outages.
2:23 | 04/11/13

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Transcript for 300 Reports of Severe Weather Nationwide
and turn next to the severe weather across the country. 300 reports pouring in like this. By the way, you are not seeing double. Those are two ferocious twisters in mississippi just this afternoon. Let's look at one of them again. Listen, as the twister approaches, the family dog is really trying to bark a warning. It will be a tense night ahead for a lot of families and abc's alex perez is one of the hardest hit towns reporting in for us tonight. We're here outside hazelwood, and the strong winds uprooted this tree and it crushed their bedroom. There are seens like this one across the country tonight. You're looking at a massive tornado bearing mississippi. It's huge. Reporter: An entire neighborhood trashed, at least one person dead. It's not out of the state yet, so we're still trying to be careful and cautious and make our citizens remain safe. Reporter: Across the country, hundreds of reports of severe weather as the stormds race east. An entire block in hazelwood, missouri unrecognizable. This is all that's left of gary buneta's yellow brick home. The wind picked you up from one room to another? It's like someone just took their hands and shoved me into the other room. I hit the floor, covered my head and that was it. Reporter: The national weather service says this was the work of an ef 2 tornado, with wind speeds up to 135 miles per hour. This is the inside of their bedroom, the tree came crashing right in and it's in here you get an idea how lucky they were to not be inside the room. The beamz crashed down on the bed. We wouldn't have been talking about removing a tree. We would have been talking about getting the bodies out. Reporter: This spring storm is also bringing severe winter-like weather. In minnesota, one dead in the snow. Power polls encased in ice. Catherine johnson is there. Leaving behind icicels more than an inch thick. In rapid city, south dakota, a record snowfall, more than two feet. And they still have no idea when they may be able to return to their home. Like so many other places affected by the severe weather, the focus is on the clean-up.

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{"id":18935975,"title":"300 Reports of Severe Weather Nationwide","duration":"2:23","description":"Violent spring weather including tornadoes, snow and high winds causes accidents and power outages.","url":"/WNT/video/300-reports-severe-weather-nationwide-18935975","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}