All 50 states relax restrictions ahead of Memorial Day weekend

Many said they're wondering if the new measures taken will be enough to keep people safe.
4:30 | 05/23/20

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Transcript for All 50 states relax restrictions ahead of Memorial Day weekend
Tonight America is facing a new struggle in the age of the coronavirus. With all 50 states easing restrictions ahead of the memorial day weekend, how to keep our holiday traditions while also staying safe. The stakes are high. The outbreak has taken nearly 97,000 lives and sickened at least 1.6 million people. People gathering on the beach in Texas today, urged to observe social distancing. Stay-at-home orders lifted in Kansas. People are back on the lake. A youth baseball tournament, take a look, under way in Bravard county in Florida. Long lines outside the big rivers water park in new carney, Texas, even though the parks, according to Texas guidelines weren't supposed to open. President trump getting out of the white house, playing golf for the first time since March. There were also long lines for coronavirus testing in Virginia and long lines at food banks at the Indianapolis motor speedway, where the indy 500 was supposed to take place tomorrow. Health and government officials keeping an eye on how Americans take care. ABC's Trevor Ault leads us off. Reporter: Tonight, despite pleas to follow social distancing guidelines this memorial day weekend, in Texas, 1,300 people waiting in line at a water park, re-opening without the governor's approval. Many not wearing masks. Crowds like this Hawaii boat party popping up across the country. The same trends seen on California beaches despite sunbathing bans and mask requirements. It's been encouraging to see people on beaches breaking quarantine rules. It's awesome. Reporter: Today president trump golfing for the first time in two months, not wearing a mask and shaking hands. As the president calls on states to let places of worship return, the Boston archdiocese releasing video of what services could look like, requiring masks and taping off pews. Minnesota will allow places of worship to resume at 25% starting Wednesday. That announcement coming as the intenive care units at some twin city hospitals are filling up. More signs of the pandemic lingering. In Missouri, officials saying a Springfield hair stylist worked for eight days with coronavirus symptoms. Authorities tracing 84 people that person may have exposed. And Arkansas governor says his state is enduring a second peak 30 days after the virus peaked there the first time. You need to be disciplined in your personal safety habits. Increased cases indicates there is more arkansans out there than before that are positive. Reporter: One of eight cases seeing an increase. New Orleans hasn't registered any new deaths since Wednesday, and New York's death toll fell to 84 Saturday. The first time it's been below 100 in two months. But governor Andrew Cuomo still urging caution. Two people is a risk. Three people is a risk. Four people is a risk. Five people is a risk. Ten people is a risk. The risk keeps going up, and it could kill someone. So it is worth the risk? Reporter: Today in queens, thousands of pounds of food and produce donated from upstate farmers distributed to those in need and still in lockdown. The line started at 4:00 this morning. It stretches down the entire block and wraps around the corner. It highlights how much they're able to give away from these farmers' donations but also how deeply this community has been impacted. This isn't about charity. It's about solidarity with you fellow human beings. No matter who they are, where they come from. Reporter: And tonight, this stark image with the Indianapolis 500, a memorial day tradition, postponed due to the pandemic, the Indianapolis motor speedway turned into a food line. So many reminders this is still far from over. Trevor Ault joins us now from an empty coney island here in New York City. That beach closed for swimming. I want to go back to the the twin cities seeing a increase in patients with covid-19? Reporter: That's right, Tom. The Minnesota department of health says twin city icus are 95% full right now. Doctors say that's because of covid-19 cases but also from an influx in new admissions, mainly from people who are getting elective surgeries which the state just started to allow again. It's another example of the complications from the re-opening process. As the U.S. Works to keep the virus in check, Latin

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{"duration":"4:30","description":"Many said they're wondering if the new measures taken will be enough to keep people safe.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"70853461","title":"All 50 states relax restrictions ahead of Memorial Day weekend","url":"/WNT/video/50-states-relax-restrictions-ahead-memorial-day-weekend-70853461"}