More Than 7,000 Flights Cancelled Because of the Weather

Debilitating snow storm caused a ripple effect for passengers across the country.
3:00 | 01/03/14

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Transcript for More Than 7,000 Flights Cancelled Because of the Weather
9,000 flights delayed or cancelled. Abc's linzie janis with the families camped out at the airport. Reporter: At airports across the country, passengers sprawled out, sleeping this chairs, on window sills, some lucky enough to snag a cot. Horrible. Never do it again. We were patient and hoping for the best, unfortunately we spent the night in the chapel. Reporter: Dozens slept on these camp beds, the doors opening all night long and letting freezing air in, all they had was this thin blanket to cover them. Jamie gurcay is trying to get home to orlando. The lady told me the first available seats coming out of here were sunday morning at 6:50. No vouchers for hotel or food. Reporter: What's your plan? I will sit here as long as i can. Reporter: This group of college students camped out on the floor. How do you feel about spending another night here? I JUST GOT 24 HOUR WiFi, I Have netflix. So I'm okay. Reporter: Outside, airport deicers sprayed grounded planes. In chicago, the luggage piled high. As travelers hunkered down. Our night kept getting pushed back. Reporter: Nationwide, more than 2500 flights cancelled today, another 5100 delayed. The ripple effects of this nightmare nor'easter stretching to packed terminals in austin and to san diego, where hundreds waited in line and flights were backed up for hours. Travelers tweeted stranded selfies and endless cups of coffee. In atlanta one family broke out the playing cards. We want to get hope. Reporter: Perseverance is starting to pay off. This morning's flight was cancelled, I couldn't get through southwest couldn't help me on the phone. So I came here this morning. Reporter: This afternoon her flight finally left sunny florida. And landed later in snowy new york. A happy ending after a very long trip. HERE in LaGuardia the crowds have died down. We're told that most of the backlog should be cleared by saturday afternoon, though some unlucky passengers have to wait until sunday or monday to get home. Diane. Another long night for a lot of them, thanks so much. And here's a perfect symbol of

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{"id":21417554,"title":"More Than 7,000 Flights Cancelled Because of the Weather","duration":"3:00","description":"Debilitating snow storm caused a ripple effect for passengers across the country.","url":"/WNT/video/7000-flights-cancelled-weather-21417554","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}