8.2-Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Chile, Surrounding Countries

Tsunami warnings were issued, prompting residents to evacuate coastal regions.
3:00 | 04/02/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 8.2-Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Chile, Surrounding Countries
In Chile the powerful eight point two earthquake that hit the area and it is called the ring of fire rumbling back to life. Tonight the world has been riveted by the images streaming -- and asking what does it mean for earthquake risk right here at home. KBZ's Bob Woodruff is there. In this moment of fear. People began. Anything it was strong she said when he went on a long time. The -- rock all its sparked fire. Glare of the tsunami center -- Running out of this pharmacy some holding children bottles tumbling from the shelves. A mass evacuation of nearly a million people fearing destructive wave in the wake of the powerful eight point two magnitude quake. The injured -- at this hospital. The aftermath -- fishing boats washed ashore small landslides half a dozen dead. Could have been much worse. In this country has so many earthquakes and tsunamis that got this is warning signs all over this city because they had tsunami hazard zone. The people along the coast that we met today we're ready to evacuate this little girl's mother described it as the earth dancing. The powerful quake struck just off the coast twelve miles beneath the ocean floor. The surge of water it's set off. Rolling all the way to Hawaii the quake rumbled along the most dangerous Banda fault lines in volcanoes in the world the point with the Earth's plates meet. The infamous ring of fire stretching up along the US western coast. All the way through Japan and Asia. The recent Los Angeles quakes were not caused by the same fault line -- last night. And experts say the more than 17100. Earthquakes along the ring in just the past week. Does not mean a bigger quake is coming. There is nothing about this activity. That makes it look any more likely to be a precursor than any other way. Now last night all of the people along the coast here from the north to the south of Chile were given the warnings to get off the beaches to get up to the hills. This country has so much experience with earthquakes and tsunamis the people told me they knew what to do and they did it well.

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{"id":23167389,"title":"8.2-Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Chile, Surrounding Countries","duration":"3:00","description":"Tsunami warnings were issued, prompting residents to evacuate coastal regions.","url":"/WNT/video/82-magnitude-earthquake-rocks-chile-surrounding-countries-23167389","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}