85-Year-Old-Korean War Veteran Detained in North Korea

Merrill Newman was the second American citizen arrested in North Korea this year.
1:41 | 11/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 85-Year-Old-Korean War Veteran Detained in North Korea
full report on "nightline" as well. To a bizarre story out of north korea, an 85-year-old man from california, a veteran of the korean war, arrested while sight seeing there. Why? Abc's global affairs correspondent martha raddatz has the latest on that. Reporter: An adventure turned into a nightmare. Merrill newman, an 85-year-old korean war veteran and grandfather seen here recently in his retirement community newsletter. He was on a sight seeing trip to the country he once fought against, about to leave, he was reportedly pulled from the airplane by north korean authorities. His traveling companion and neighbor, bob, a former stanford university official, telling abc news there has to be a terrible misunderstanding. I hope that the north koreans will see this as a humanitarian matter and allow him to return to his family as soon as possible. Just yesterday the state department issued a warning of reports that north korean authorities are arbitrarily detaining u.S. Citizens and not allowing them to depart the country. Newman would be the second american detained under the new young leader kim jong-un. Missionary kenneth bae was grabbed last year. Friends say merrill newman just thought it would be a fun, interesting trip. Tonight, even though they are not saying the u.S. Government would certainly be seeking ways to get him released and as you can imagine, diane, he is the talk of his retirement home. Oh, yes, and this mysterious place, what a strange story. Thank you so much, martha raddatz.

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{"id":20958007,"title":"85-Year-Old-Korean War Veteran Detained in North Korea","duration":"1:41","description":"Merrill Newman was the second American citizen arrested in North Korea this year.","url":"/WNT/video/85-year-korean-war-veteran-detained-north-korea-20958007","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}