911 Calls Reveal Every Second Counts in Tornado Safety

Only 16 minutes from first warning to touch-down to seek shelter from impending damage.
2:14 | 05/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 911 Calls Reveal Every Second Counts in Tornado Safety
We hear for the first time -- -- when one takes is that tornado touched down. And we ask here with so many -- you wanted to know. Tonight for the first time the 911 calls from Oklahoma as that tornado was nearing the town and those calls underscore just how much every minute counts. To find shelter. Oh my god. Let me help you meet new a lot of help -- need to get and -- they're pretty good. Sixty minutes right we had it right at about sixteen minutes from. The warning to whatever actually hit here. And tonight this video seen for the first time officer Jeremy Lewis rushed into the scene to help. But feeling helpless because he was behind a tornado -- -- Head toward town he gave us a tour of plaza towers elementary that's the school where they lost seven children. Part Sistani in -- Chalk board -- from the classroom air the pilot -- their behind me to tell the whole school. More than 400 children and teachers. It's not -- not a piece of -- left. On the school. You're -- question you know from all of our viewers wondered what the safe rooms what we're proceedings. This is an older school this bars. This -- included a lottery. Some schools got him on schools that are -- schools all that's different we look the cost of a safe room 300 dollars a square foot. In some cases more than a million dollars to build one. It's just very expensive. It's a very large history this keeps them schools it's not worth it and that's large amount of money -- an apparent sang him at a price and Mike writes. -- you can't. So I'm sure isn't it. I'll start change and on this Memorial Day weekend as we were leaving the school a family across the street helped by volunteers. Don't even live in this town they were holding the flag found them. -- of what I think I've ever seen. It turns out he was grapples flag the Korean War this is your dad's side -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":19257790,"title":"911 Calls Reveal Every Second Counts in Tornado Safety","duration":"2:14","description":"Only 16 minutes from first warning to touch-down to seek shelter from impending damage.","url":"/WNT/video/911-calls-reveal-counts-tornado-safety-19257790","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}