ABC News Exclusive: Chris Christie Responds to the Bridge Scandal

NJ governor and wife Mary Pat, talk about life, pressure and politics.
3:00 | 03/28/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ABC News Exclusive: Chris Christie Responds to the Bridge Scandal
Now we turn to New Jersey governor Chris Christie who's been under fire about the scandal about that traffic and that bridge, the George Washington bridge, here from new York to New Jersey. We have one of the central figures from the scandal weighing in. Yesterday, we sat down with the governor one-on-one and we'll bring you more of that interview. He held his first press conference today, insisting that report exonerating him is going to stand the test of time. Giving it to the press just like the old days. Christine, stop. You have to get the facts right if you're going to ask me a question. This is my press conference. This isn't hers I did answer that. The ingle most important thing for me to do is to learn from this experience, to learn from what I have read and what I have learned. Reporter: One of lessons for staying steadier is not so much public I think, you know, you can get caught up in the world and in this life pretty easy. Public life that becomes so public. And I'll tell you, I'm spending a lot more time at home than I have. Reporter: What did it take this crisis to bring you home more? When you get involved in a public life that continues to get bigger and bigger, that you feel an obligation to be out there more and I have taken more control over what I want to do. We're thrilled that he's home more. He's home more from a time perspective, but when he's home, he's much more present. Reporter: Why do you think he is more present? Because he knows what's important. Reporter: His wife, Mary pat, 30 years together, they say however rough this period, they know every hill, every valley -- you sound like people that feels this is going to be forgotten, some day pretty soon. Wrong? I mean, I have no real opinion on that. But it doesn't matter to me. Reporter: And if this means that from here to the presidency is impossible, because of the residue of it, if not the fact of it. Our place right now is in new Jersey. And as far as the future, the future will take care of itself. Reporter: Were you worried about his health? Not because of this issue, no. Worried about his health. He's very healthy right now. Reporter: Healthy, but still facing two more investigations of what he knew and what he did not know about that incident on the bridge. Though he says losing weight since his surgery last year changes perspective on the turbulent arch of career and life. I don't think I'm making it to 103. 50 made me recognize and acknowledge in my life I'm on the back nine. I don't want to waste any of it. Late today, one of the central figures in this event, someone who's not spoken out, Bridget Kellie, former deputy chief of staff to the governor, ABC's Jeff Zeleny is here. You noticed that she doesn't go after the governor in any way, she goes after his lawyers on that report. That's right, Diane. First we have heard from Bridget Kellie, she's the central figure in this. She only mentioned her lawyers. She went after them hard. She said that the report was vem us now, inappropriate sex yis remarks. This didn't necessarily clear up our bigger questions about what her involvement. She's the one who sent the e-mails. Time for those traffic closures. She's a key link between the governor's version of what he knew and did not know and what other people may be say sflg so many questions for her. Thank you, Jeff Zeleny.

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{"id":23107604,"title":"ABC News Exclusive: Chris Christie Responds to the Bridge Scandal","duration":"3:00","description":"NJ governor and wife Mary Pat, talk about life, pressure and politics.","url":"/WNT/video/abc-news-exclusive-chris-christie-responds-bridge-scandal-23107604","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}