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2:14 | 10/13/11

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A small Southern California beach town is still in shock over a deadly shooting Rampage at a popular -- a -- It all started with a domestic dispute ABC's TJ winning cast more. It was early Wednesday afternoon when shots rang out in the posh California beach community of Seal Beach. Pop pop pop. A man dressed in body armor and carrying an arsenal of weapons and opened fire inside salon maritime ship all I could hear were screams. And shots by the time the Rampage was over eight. People were dead another in critical condition -- -- -- a small safe community. We don't experiencing things. Ever the alleged gunman Scott decree climbed into his truck and drove away but just a half mile away police -- up with them He surrendered without -- -- had him by the shirt when they pulled ushered out. Then they realized He had on bulletproof vest and they took the -- stopped and by that time there already had a handcuff. Decree an ex marine was the ex husband of Michelle forty. A -- at the salon and seen here on FaceBook. Or relatives confirm Michelle was killed in the shooting. And that she was the target of the attack because of an alleged custody dispute. We kind of thought this in the back of our hearts it was like this could happen. And so was no surprise I didn't even have to ask you get it. Neighbors and nearby Huntington Beach told reporters they often saw decree playing catch with -- son out in the front yard. Now that seven year old will likely grow up without either parent as an entire community has had their sense of security. Shattered. TJ Winick ABC news New York. We have a sad update on last week's helicopter crash in New York city's East River is second person has died. Helen to Maki from Australia passed away last night at a New York hospital. She was the longtime partner of Sonia morrow who died in the crash. They were on the helicopter flight to celebrate Mars fortieth birthday when the chopper plunged into the river. Investigators are still trying to determine what went wrong.

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