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2:14 | 10/13/11

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The Republican candidates for president are gearing up for yet another debate next week in Nevada. Long shot candidate Jon Huntsman says he'll sit this one out in protest and about his decision to move their pockets to the middle of January. Other candidates are threatening to avoid the Nevada caucus to actually. For the first time ever the nation's only professional group for gays serving in the military is holding a conference. The event was made possible -- last month lifting of the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy the group out served -- hosting the four day conference at a hotel in Las Vegas. -- now out served has listened in an underground network of about 3000. Gay troops. If you -- you are safe from stallings space junk think again this time a German X -- satellite is sent to -- to -- at the end of this month and unlike the last satellite deployed back to the planet. More than 3700 pounds of the device could survive reentry the odds an individual person will be hit by a piece of debris is about one and fourteen trillion. The uprising in Syria has now claimed more than 3000. Lives as his home video from Wednesday shows. The Syrian military has been on the offensive again. Tanks are in the streets and gunfire rings out winning -- rebels. According to one -- -- fifteen people are being killed every day. The violence began in March with the attempted overthrow of President Bush are -- not. Carrey is fighting to get his -- in the presidential race and his wife has stepped out front to help net Terrence Roberts has the story. Rick Perry was once the Republican front runner but now he's struggling to find his way back to the top -- Texas governor that is the first stage of his economic. The plan He says it will one point two million jobs the quickest way to get our economy -- shot in the arm. Is to deploy the American ingenuity to tap American energy. It's been a roller coaster ride so far for Perry He entered the race two months ago and quickly took the lead. Since then he's plummeted down 22 points in one recent poll. Period brought out his troop level is like India and not taking back -- opinions in the state of her husband's campaign staff have been afraid. I think the debates have been unfair. I think he's been the recipient. Arrows as Perry's plunged in the polls former pizza -- Herman Cain has surged as wildly signature economic plan 9% corporate business let. 9% presently -- flat tax and -- 9% national sales fact that they need to carry weight beyond that to. When I hear 999. I want to call 9116. -- -- The last two years but the State's unemployment rate is eight point 5% the highest it's been in nearly 25 years. Took -- early Kerrey said Americans want jobs will not catchy slogans. Sounds pretty cold -- -- -- 999 but the end of the day it is a big tax increase. He struck. Ruling but He raised seventeen million dollars last quarter that's more than enough to keep him in this race. Karen Travers ABC news Washington.

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