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5:07 | 10/24/11

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A bomb detonated at a pond in Nairobi today sending several people to the hospital some of the injuries are critical. Grenade attack happened just days after US authorities warn that a terror attack may happen in the Kenyan capital. However officials in -- LC terrorists may not be behind this bombing. A euphoric Libya is declaring the country a free nation today. Thousands are still lining up to see the body of the brutal dictator who ruled for decades here's ABC's Jeffrey -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who was to succeed his father and carry on the dynasty. He is wanted by the international criminal court -- interim government says He was captured this weekend -- that is not clear. Because the very same time He appeared on Syrian TV saying. I am in Libya alive and free and willing to fight to the end to take revenge. We do know where another of the -- sons is. The body have -- it seemed that the lies with his father on display in -- meet refrigerator for all to see. This is definite. The principle that even He has that -- -- that three including with that seem have been killed in the revolution. Three more including Gadhafi is only daughter Asia are an -- -- in Algeria with -- that these wife. -- Saudi escaped to Nigeria where He is under house arrest. There is no sympathy for any -- that be in Libya today. This weekend the interim government officially declared the country liberated. -- promise to bring democracy. Because it. One non stop party. And remember good at these fabled female bodyguards the so called Amazon's. They are long gone Gadhafi had several dozen male bodyguards with him last week when He was captured and killed reportedly they all died with him. Jeffrey Kaufmann ABC news Tripoli. History is made in Argentina today where president Cristina Fernandez won reelection by a landslide. Fernandez is the first woman president ever to be reelected in Latin America. -- remembers she won her first term back in 2007. Replacing her ailing husband Nestor Kirchner died last year. Fernandez is credited with restoring Argentina's economy. -- -- its first ever three election is causing some concern. And Islam his party is expected to be the winner when results were announced later today. That party is likely to roll back some of two -- He -- more progressive legislation regarding women. And families. To -- it gave birth to the so called Arab spring back in January by overthrowing its longtime leader. Italy's Mount Etna volcano just can't stay quiet a volcano on the island of Sicily erupted last night spewing red hot lava hundreds of feet into the air. A nearby airport had to be shut down -- flights were canceled for a few hours. This is the east seventeenth time this year Aetna has erupted. Financial problems could force Wiki leaks to shut down the organization says it needs to turn all attention to raising money -- it wants to keep operating. A number of financial companies including -- MasterCard and PayPal have refused to deal with WikiLeaks and began publishing cables from the US State Department. WikiLeaks says the restrictions have nearly starved the organization of all income. One of Rupert Murdoch's -- will -- to testified before a committee again in the phone hacking scandal. The house of commons has more questions for James Murdoch. Both Murdoch's denied knowing about the scale of the phone hacking when He appear before a panel lawmakers in July Murdoch's tabloid news of the world was shut down following accusations of reporters hacking into voicemails. The seventeenth named storm of the season has formed in the Caribbean tropical storm Rina is now off the coasts of Honduras and Nicaragua. It could become a hurricane by the end of the week. While some possible to tell exactly what path the storm might take forecasters say there's no threat to the United States. Areas most likely to get hit include Central America and the Yucatan peninsula. Here's something you have to see to believe -- still as big as baseballs they rain down throughout much of Oklahoma and north Texas yesterday. Smashing car windows along with heavy winds that ripped off roofs and toppled trees. Today's weather is expected to be much comment. President Obama set to launch a new economic push today aimed at helping struggling homeowners the president will announce a plan in Las Vegas. It will help homeowners refinance no matter how far their home has fallen in value. The New York Times reports the president is coming up with several other economic initiatives while his jobs bill is stalled. Most of this plan will not require approval by congress.

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