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3:50 | 11/02/11

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Transcript for ABC News Update
Lawmakers are set to take on the part of president Obama's jobs act that deals with infrastructure. The White House says passing the agenda will help put Americans back to work. But GOP senators say they will not support any legislation that raises taxes -- BC's Karen traveler has the details. This -- Washington's focus on fixing up America. The senate is -- to take up another piece of president Obama's jobs agenda this time it's a seventy billion dollar bill aimed at rebuilding roads bridges and infrastructure. The truth is the only way we can attack our economic charm challenges on -- scale that's needed is would bolt action by congress. They hold the purse -- -- just is when -- said he considered other parts of the jobs agenda partisan bickering rules the day. Once again senate Democrats want to build people with the tax increase on millionaires. But Republicans are sticking their ground they refuse to support any part of the jobs plan that paid for with tax increases. It's difficult to understand what their reasoning has. Trying to protect people who make more than a million dollars a year Republicans say it's the same old same old from the president and senate Democrats. The other side approach -- -- to try to craft measures they know can't pass. McConnell said Republicans -- offer their own infrastructure built this week. Infrastructures. Pretty about partisan and and pretty popular. Yesterday a dire warning from a former White House chief of staff now -- the partisan fighting could mean for the upcoming effort to reduce the deficit. Collectively. I'm word you're going to fail. -- -- -- Congress has until December 23 to pass a plan to reduce the deficit. If not one point two trillion dollars in cuts will automatically go into effect in 2013. Karen Travers ABC news Washington. We have an update on ABC news investigation into gold line a company that sells gold on TV. After touting gold as a good investment with ads featuring celebrities at the company is now facing criminal charges. ABC's TJ Winick cast more. They -- big names like Glenn Beck people that I trust the people -- line and Mike Huckabee. The people and gold -- we'll explain just how easy it is for you to -- -- to sell hundreds of millions of dollars in gold calling it a solid investment. But now Santa Monica based gold line is in hot water. After a nineteen count criminal complaint was filed against it by Los Angeles authorities. The complaint alleges -- the company touted gold -- gone executives actually conspired together to -- and defraud consumers. By steering them to highly overpriced -- so called collectible coins. A bait and switch. The content or let's talk me into binding goal points in a statement cool blowing calls the charges without merit in the bait and switch allegations preposterous. After an ABC investigation into the company just last year. Top executive Scott Carter vigorously defended the company fat and its practices we said sell tens of millions of dollars of not only go -- on. But coins with collector value. And the ultimate decision -- to the consumer that is calling -- the criminal complaint also accuses gold -- of claiming as with this commercial and only collectible gold coins were safe because the government could conscious people -- -- back in 1933 FDR says it all take her golden authorities say Beck Huckabee another gold -- spokesman -- no way implicated in the charges. As for Scott Carter he is specifically accused of offering -- on for sale with no intention of selling it TJ Winick ABC news New York.

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