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3:58 | 11/03/11

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Transcript for ABC News Update
This is certainly been a week that Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain would like to forget he is fighting new allegations now sexual misconduct. Kane denies any wrongdoing but admits there was some type of settlement back in the 1990s. ABC's Karen Travers has the story from Washington. This sexual harassment controversy continues to swirl around Republican front runner Herman Cain. And now he's winning the finger at a political rival. And we now know everything -- with a Trace -- back for the -- campaign. That third this in order to discredit me my campaign. As low down. Texas governor Rick Perry said his campaign found out about the allegations when they were reported in the media and -- And I can't. You know and over here -- knew anything about this associated and I can't. -- uniform fashion. At the beginning of the week -- aggressively took on every new question about the harassment charges but yesterday he aggressively. Hopefully -- the media. Last night a third woman another former employee came -- just -- -- behaved inappropriately toward her so far none of the three leading. This means -- surfaced in the public. -- -- well known in government circles. One. A registered lobbyist in New Jersey. Her friends say she felt -- had gone too far after she agreed to have a drink with him and fellow employees but it was never she and I alone anything like that. Chris Wilson is a former pollster for the restaurant association. Now a supporter of Governor Perry Wilson said he was there that night. She was a very lower -- -- -- I think she was remote nature -- out of college. And the -- occurred at a restaurant Crystal City and everybody was very aware of. One of the -- this morning -- the restaurant association for permission to make a public statement about her allegations. Karen Travers ABC news Washington. More -- overnight in California occupier Oakland protesters and police clashed violently in the streets after a day of demonstrations there. One of the nation's busiest ports has now reopened after protesters shut it down for hours ABC's Scott Goldberg has more what's becoming the new epicenter of the Occupy Wall Street movement. The Occupy Wall Street movement that started in New York now has the West Coast -- It's Oakland California were largely peaceful demonstrations turned violent overnight -- about a hundred protesters took over a vacant buildings. Never -- occupied building or something like -- they ended up sliding a big fire in the street police in riot gear fought back with flash bang grenades and tear gas. At least four protesters ended up in the hospital. We do have continued concerns about a group that we've identified as an artist status -- Roaming through crowds we are watching them. Earlier in the day -- been smaller clashes with police when protesters damaged a whole foods store. They also -- a massive march through the city and shut down the Port of Oakland disrupting commerce at the fifth largest ports in the country. And -- It's been heating up in Oakland since Iraq War veteran Scott Olson suffered a fractured stolen showdown with police last week. That energized solidarity marches yesterday in New York as well as Boston and Philadelphia. This. Back in Oakland where the number of demonstrators has swollen into the thousands the mayor says the problems are being caused by a relative few. And we continued to ask people to be -- so. Oakland police say they arrested around 100 protesters overnight officials at the port there -- said they hope to get back to business as usual today. Scott Goldberg ABC news New York.

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