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1:10 | 11/04/11

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Greece's economic and political future is hanging in the balance today parliament is set to take a confidence vote. -- prime minister George Papandreou's show support for him whether this week when he announced plans for a public vote on a bail out plan. A plan that had already been passed by other European leaders. On Thursday -- Andrea reversed course and scrapped the referendum but not before a number of other politicians called for his resignation. President Obama says the US economy is growing quote -- too slow. The president made that remark today and -- G-20 summit in France. He says the problems here at home are the same ones being felt in every corner of the globe. Advanced economies including the United States are growing and creating jobs but not nearly fast enough. Emerging economies have started to slow. Global demand is weakening. -- the world. Hundreds of millions of people are unimportant or under report. Mr. Obama says he took aggressive steps at the start of his administration to fix the US economy. He is urging European leaders to do the same.

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