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3:47 | 11/15/11

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In New York hundreds of anti Wall Street protesters marched through lower Manhattan today. Looking for a -- space to gather an overnight police -- force them out of the Wall Street area park a state court judge is considering the legality of the eviction now. ABC's Scott Goldberg has more. -- around 1 o'clock in the morning the center of the Occupy Wall Street world turned upside down. Hundreds of police officers in riot gear occupied the park where the national movement started. After almost two months New York's mayor said health and safety conditions at the camp in lower Manhattan became intolerable. There is no ambiguity in the law here. The First Amendment protects speech it does not protect the use of tents and sleeping bags to take over a public space. The city's at its plant was simply to clean your body park and let protesters back in. But without camping gear lawyers for the protesters immediately got a court order blocking those restrictions in the park stayed closed while lawyers for both sides battled it out. The New York -- comes a day after police in Oakland did the same thing. From coast to coast the Occupy Movement has inspired thousands to speak out against corporate greed and income inequality. But outbreaks of violence are testing the public's tolerance. In New York where police arrested around 180 this morning. It's been a peaceful protest but people and permanent homes near the tent city complain about noise and filth. Make no mistake. The final decision to act was mine and mine alone. Now the movement is at a crossroads. Cleaning out the part where it all started could mark the beginning of the end. Four it could -- protesters looking to make a major statement two months after the occupation began. Scott Goldberg ABC news New York. Congresswoman -- real Giffords has spoken out for the first time to ABC's Diane Sawyer about her courageous recovery. From the point blank gunshot when she suffered in January. He BC's Karen Travers has the details. Gabby Giffords has endured ten grueling months of surgeries and rehabilitation. And through it all her husband astronaut commander mark Kelly was at her side supporting her comforting her. He also documented the long road to recovery through hours of videotape. In the beginning there were no words just a few gestures. And a sense. That looks at us -- at all. It's better we see -- struggling to remember and so. And slowly learning to walk again. Along the way there were moments of joy but also immense frustration and sadness. And one constant during Giffords journey music helping her regain her voice. Okay. Yeah. And give her hope for the future. Yeah well as the -- who want. Mark Kelly said today on Good Morning America that in the past month is what is made great improvements with -- speech. Being able to say you know complete sentence followed by another one as for Giffords political future she would like to run. Much has made the decision that -- -- some time we've got to proceed like you know she's gonna take a step in and run this next term. But -- daddy can't run don't look for mark Kelly to step in. He told ABC news -- his job is to make sure is -- recovers and gets back to serving her constituents. Karen Travers ABC news Washington.

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