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2:58 | 11/18/11

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Republicans and Democrats on congress as deficit reduction super committee have resumed face to face meetings after more than a week long stalemate. But the twelve member panel is still struggling towards a Thanksgiving deadline with no real evidence of a breakthrough on a debt plan. Borrowing a compromise to reduce deficits by at least one point two trillion dollars over a decade. Automatic spending cuts of that -- began taking effect in 2013. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are hoping to avoid that. New details are emerging about the man accused of trying to assassinate President Obama new charges filed against Oscar Ortega Hernandez. Now claimed he fired as many as nine rounds out the white house with an assault rifle last week. Several bullets hit the south side of the White House in the area where the first Stanley lives. They were not at home at the time the FBI says Hernandez who is mentally ill believes he is Jesus Christ and that the president is the double. President Obama is pushing for a new era of good relations between the US and -- the president is sending secretary of state Hillary Clinton to the isolated nation to test the waters. And see it's -- is serious about improving its human rights record. ABC's Karen Travers has more. In Obama said today there's in this historic opportunity for democratic progress he indication that's been desperate for it. I've asked secretary Hillary Clinton to go to -- she will explore whether the United States can empower -- positive transition in Burma. And Begin a new chapter between our countries. It is significant step Clinton will be the first US secretary of state to travel to the isolated nation in more than fifty years. Burma also known as Myanmar has suffered under -- repressive and brutal military regime for decades. Today President Obama said there were flickers of progress in recent weeks if Burma. Continues to travel down the road of democratic reform. It can forge a new relationship with the United States of America. If it fails to make legitimate steps toward democracy and greater human rights the president said -- will face sanctions and further isolation. Critical to this US outreach was supported -- on sou -- a noble prize winner and a leader in the push for democratic reform in Burma last night. I spoke on -- -- Directly and confirmed that she supports American engagement. To move this process forward. Suu Kyi spent fifteen years under house arrest by the country's former military dictators. She's now working with the civilian government to improve human rights and institute political reform. The announcement was well received by Asian leaders it is a welcome development. Human rights groups say this -- could speed up reforms and it puts the Burmese government. On notice Karen Travers ABC news Washington.

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