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6:18 | 11/30/11

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Federal prosecutors want to -- former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich to jail for a very long time. They say the 54 year old should get fifteen -- twenty years behind bars. Blagojevich was convicted of eighteen corruption charges including attempting to sell president Obama's a senate seat sentencing is scheduled for next week. A new twist in the apple -- safety debated it seems there is cause for concern. Consumer reports found that 10% of the apple and a grape juice samples they tested contain arsenic levels higher than the federal standard for drinking water. 25% of the samples also had lead levels higher than federal bottled water standards. The juice product association says it's not appropriate to compare Trace levels of arsenic in juice to the levels and water. Police in Los Angeles -- visible today with Occupy Wall Street protesters. After storming -- cabinet. Hundreds of officers in -- tears started tearing down tents and firing bullets after midnight. More than 200 people were arrested in Philadelphia some forty people were arrested after refusing to leave your camp site. Republican -- McCain sure doesn't sound like he's abandoning his presidential campaign. At an event in Ohio today -- told the audience that his detractors are trying to bring him down but that he doesn't think his supporters -- let that happen. McCain's campaign is reeling from the latest sexual allegations leveled against former godfathers pizza CEO. A Georgia woman claims she and -- -- thirteen year long extramarital affair. According to ABC news sources -- is reassessing his run for past. President Obama travels to Pennsylvania and New York today with two very different money pitches in Pennsylvania mr. Obama will meet with the family and Scranton and speak at a local high school. Urging congressional lawmakers to extend an expanded the payroll tax cut. Well -- headed to donor rich New York City to raise money for his already flush campaign war chest. While President Obama visits Pennsylvania pushing his call to extend. And expand the payroll tax cut. Republicans in Washington are pushing back house speaker John Boehner -- at any extension of the payroll tax cut. Must be paid for with savings from elsewhere in the budget. The tax cut is due to expire at the end of this year. A new twist in the mystery over who won that quarter billion dollar jackpot in Connecticut that three investment bankers who claim the prize. Are insisting they are the real winners. At a store clerk now says he remembers selling the winning ticket to one of the -- But two different sources say the men are front -- wealthy investor who didn't want the hassle of having his name made public. A separate sex abuse lawsuits filed against ex Penn State football coach -- -- -- is coming from a new accuser. The unidentified man is not among the eight victims mentioned in -- grand jury report. The man and now thirty says he -- send -- when he was ten and that he abused him more than 100 times. The former assistant coaches separately charged with sexually abusing eight boys over a fifteen year period charges he denies. There's not much to crow about for Americans at least in the latest rankings of the world's best cities to -- The consulting group Mercer has ranked Vienna as the best place in the world to live because of its low crime rate. Excellent public transportation and overall cleanliness. Rounding out the top five are Zurich Auckland Munich and Duesseldorf. Ranked last Baghdad perhaps for obvious reasons. Mercer says -- European cities -- the highest because they enjoy advanced and modern city infrastructure. Combined with first class medical recreational leisure facilities but they caution that could change. Given the continent's financial problems. A US sponsored survey has found that despite the continued violence people in Afghanistan aren't living longer the survey shows. Estimated life expectancy is up to between 62 and 64. For both men and women up from previous studies putting life expectancy between 47 and fifty years. Experts credit a dramatic improvement in the country's health care as people live longer fewer infants died and more women survive -- -- British prime minister David Cameron says Iran will face serious consequences. After hundreds of protesters stormed two British diplomatic compounds and -- Ron. The BBC's John Simpson has the latest. Okay. The embassy had been expecting this to happen ever since Britain and -- new sanctions on the Enron last week. And you run in parliament but you don't Sunday to throw the British ambassador. Was clearly pretty well organized and the police seemed fairly soft hearted about stopping. The British should go to like the Americans didn't she says. This -- and that espionage. The demonstrators climbed into the gates and attacked the child -- building inside trashing it and grabbing souvenirs. This one's got a picture of the -- After they finally left to Iran's Foreign Ministry it -- an apology. But the damage had been done. We told Iranian government responsible. For its failure to take adequate measures to protect our embassy as it is required to do. Clearly there will be other -- and serious consequences. -- As a major split between the country's religious leader Ayatollah Khamenei. And president Ahmadinejad. -- -- And contrary to what you might expect president -- Ahmadinejad. Is the one who's trying to stop things getting too bad with the outside world. This sense that no other president Ahmadinejad is the more moderate one of the two. And the British embassy took the brunt of -- -- today but the real aim of the extremists may -- looking to make relations with the west in general. As difficult as possible. John Simpson BBC news.

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