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6:32 | 12/07/11

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Rod Blagojevich is going to jail a former Illinois governor has been sentenced to fourteen years in federal prison. Before the sentencing Blagojevich begged for mercy apologizing to the court and the people of Illinois for his mistakes. Disgraced governor was convicted on eighteen counts of corruption including attempting to sell president Obama's full senate. Former Penn State coach Jerry sandusky is back behind bars today facing new criminal charges. ABC news has learned that send us he was arrested yet again in Pennsylvania after two more alleged victims have come forward. Send us he had already been indicted for allegedly molesting eight other underage boys investigators say both the new victims -- sandusky. Through the second mile charity that he ran they also -- the investigation is not over. A stunning development in the Syracuse University sex abuse scandal. The district attorney handling the case has the accusations against assistant basketball coach Bernie find are in fact credible but the statute of limitations. Has run out and as a result charges cannot be filed against fine. Three men -- finalist in the back in the 1980s. Federal authorities though they are still investigating the allegations find himself has denied any wrongdoing. A battle that's lasted almost thirty years ended today when Philadelphia prosecutors announced they will no longer seek the death penalty. For Mumia Abu Jamal. Instead Abu Jamal will serve a life sentence for the murder. -- a Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner was gunned down during a traffic stop in 1981. The case has gotten worldwide attention over the years and has often been cited as an example of racism in the justice system. Several celebrities in fact have also taking a Abu Jamal's cause. Unthinkable crime in Tennessee a woman behind bars now for locking her mentally disabled sister in a small room. The woman spent two days in these eight by twelve room there was no running water no electricity and no way out the only door was wired shut she was fed -- today and didn't have a working toilet. Investigators also say the suspect was using her sister's Social Security benefits. To pay -- own bills. -- in San Francisco have clamped down on occupy protesters there are more than a hundred officers swept into the camp in the predawn hours and gave those demonstrators just. A few minutes to gather belongings and -- seventy people in all were arrested. 1 officer injured after being hit by chair protesters had been there since mid October. GOP candidates are taking a sudden rise of Newt Gingrich lying down in fact they're watching -- and new blistering attacks on the new front runner hoping to stop his momentum BC's Karen Travers has more now from Washington. It's a new ball game for Mitt Romney -- fight starts today. Join me with less than a month to go until the Iowa Caucuses this story the Republican race is now all about Newt Gingrich -- -- He's leading in Iowa he's leading nationally and he's even making a move in New Hampshire a state that Romney dominated throughout this campaign. Yesterday Romney acknowledged he hasn't sealed the deal. My expectation as this is going to be a campaign it's gonna go on for a while. The -- campaign will launch an immediate shift in strategy as one Republican close to the campaign put it. What they're doing now isn't working. -- more interviews press conferences and television act. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And even though -- not -- to go after Gingrich on personal issues. That doesn't mean his surrogates will bite their tongues his former vice president Dan Quayle yesterday endorsing Romney he is epitomized integrity his whole life. When news and public life. When -- in private life. Romney may also get help from other case it too good benefit of Gingrich stumbles -- -- is slammed Gingrich as too liberal. -- -- -- -- -- And Ron Paul launched a blistering new ad today in Iowa -- The -- bringing out a big gun today New Jersey governor Chris Christie will hit the campaign trail for him in Iowa. But that -- just remind voters what they're missing Karen Travers ABC news. Washington. East Coast is bracing for a mix of wintry weather a massive nor'easter is rapidly intensifying. And the spread from the Gulf Coast all the way up to Boston snow in fact already falling near Memphis but. Most of the -- major cities will avoid heavy snowfall however they are expected to get some serious flooding throughout the day. The son of late Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi is not welcome. In Mexico authorities there say they discovered a plan to smuggle us Saudi Qaddafi and his family into the country. With falsified documents four suspects were arrested back in September in connection with this plot. Enough is currently under house arrest in -- share after fleeing Libya. Absolutely incredible that nobody was hurt in a stunt gone wrong. On the cable show Mythbusters listen to this to -- for trying to measure the speed of a cannon ball. When that happens. Now that hole made by cannonball flying out of that house and also bounced off -- -- -- another house and across the street. -- -- minivan now the plan had been to fire the ball into a barrel of water to absorb the impact but -- you see. The cannon ball kind of missed its mark. Yet another scary shark attack and -- timing is off the coast of Oregon a woman there suffered a bite wound to her -- was she was in the water surfing -- Portland. Jews carried these 400 yards to -- by another surfer who said he saw a white colored -- in the water next to the victim. This embarrassment for FaceBook because -- glitch with the program exposed to private life. A founder Mark Zuckerberg. A mistake. In the program is allowing users to access a limited number of recently uploaded photos regardless. Of a person's privacy settings. Someone went on to Zuckerberg to count and lifted these photos of the FaceBook founder at home with his girlfriend. Now among other pictures one -- Zuckerberg meeting President Obama.

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