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2:48 | 12/09/11

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Transcript for ABC News Update
Just one day before ABC news presidential debate Mitt Romney's campaign is going on the offensive against the new front runner -- Gingrich. For now Gingrich is holding his fire but tomorrow's debate could be crucial just weeks before the first pulling. And ABC's Karen Travers reports that are -- Romney's campaign is feeling the pressure less than a month until the Iowa Caucuses new -- now has beaten beads in three of the -- -- early voting states. -- -- his only reduces the fuel interest latest line of attack Gingrich isn't conservative enough. In -- new web video out today Romney slams the former house speaker for criticizing the Medicare plan -- by conservative icon congressman Paul Ryan. This follows a chorus of Romney's supporters trashing Gingrich yesterday on a conference call. Serving anti conservative is not reliable as a leader. Irrational behavior that you do not want in the commander in chief. And just in case voters forgot about Gingrich -- tumultuous personal and political history. There's also this new -- from a group of Romney supporters that hasn't been released -- new -- retirement package like the fact that Gingrich -- -- 300000. Dollars for ethics violations of the rise of Gingrich in the polls is caused the -- people to reconsider their campaign strategy -- suspicion -- -- all looking at themselves and why did we start -- weeks ago. -- which has refused to take the bait I have won a preliminary October Romney was able to stay above the fray when he was the front runner but all signs point to a different Romney's showing up at Saturday night's debate on ABC. One who's willing to get down and dirty to show voters that he's the best candidate to take on President Obama had not and -- the parents -- and only. Dublin Ireland. Ford is recalling more than 128000. Cars because -- wheels could fall off. The recall affects the 2010 in 2011 Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan sedans with the seventeen inch steel wheels. Federal regulators in the bolts holding the wheels on can fracture causing a vibration and if that vibration is ignored. The wheels can't separate from the car. Three police officers were injured and one man was killed during a shootout at City Hall in Oklahoma City. Police were responding to a burglary when gunfire broke out and it's not clear who fired first. Police shot and killed the gunman the officer's gun shot wounds were not life threatening. If former -- student has rejected a plea deal that would have kept him out of prison for the death of his roommate. -- Ronnie is accused of using a webcam to spy on Tyler Clementi -- Intimate encounter with another man and then streaming it online. On the Internet -- later killed himself. -- insists that he is innocent and if convicted at trial he faces ten years in prison.

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