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5:58 | 12/13/11

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The military has removed the bodies of four aviators killed when two helicopters crash in Washington State near Tacoma. The choppers were taking part in her training exercise at the sprawling joint base Lewis -- The investigation continues into whether the choppers collided or crashed separately. The helicopters were 058. Key Iowa observation helicopters used by the army since the late sixties. The death stolen -- grenade and gun attack in Belgium is now up to four including the attacker and among the victims. -- fifteen year old boy in a seventeen year old girl. At least 75 people were wounded when the man tossed hand grenades and opened fire in the crowded center -- And -- say it's not clear whether the man then killed himself or was killed accidentally. Investigators in Texas say two of the three men questioned in connection with the shooting. -- two students outside of middle school we're doing target practice on an adjacent ranch. -- third man was an illegal immigrants who is -- passing on the property and hunting with an assault rifle. The three had earlier been identified as deer hunters the boys were playing basketball and one of them remains in critical condition. The National Transportation Safety Board is unanimously calling for a total ban on drivers using all cell phones and electronic devices except in emergencies. The recommendation follows a finding that he deadly highway -- in Missouri last year that killed two people and injured 38. Has caused by a nineteen year old driver who'd been -- and today's NTSB -- recommendation applies to both hands free and hand held phones. Investigators -- New York say the search for a missing prostitute from New Jersey could it be over. They'd been searching for Shannon Gilbert for nearly a year this morning. Skeletal remains were found in a dense wooded area near a Long Island beach where Gilbert was last seen. She was fleeing a client's home. It was the original search for her last year that uncovered a serial killer's graveyard remains of ten people were found and the killer is still at large. The top contenders in the GOP race for president say they want to avoid a negative campaign war but you wouldn't know it from the nasty jabs Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney -- throwing. Gingrich has issued a troops but will elapsed ABC's Karen Travers has the story. Be positive campaign. In a letter sent to his staff this morning defense instructed them and his campaign -- gets -- old -- -- initiating attacks on other Republican candidates. Gingrich went even further he -- he'll run a positive campaign he won't run any negative ads. Don't hold your breath for Mitt Romney to do the same we are running any and negative ads at that point but we may. This is after all politics there's no whining and politics. Got heated on the trail yesterday Romney kicked it off on Fox News called on senators to return -- one week. She million dollars -- earned from mortgage giants Frederick Mack. -- -- make him the highest paid a straight and history there's other self proclaimed relentlessly positive Gingrich fired back. The governor Romney would like to -- back all the money he's -- from bankrupt these companies and laying off employees. Over here thing. That I would be -- -- listen for helping me ten dollars and 101000. He won't take beyond. In tit for tat with Ronnie could be risky for the new front runner I -- think it needs to stop this and get above that we have forty gets dragged down into this I think the worst for him him and there may be or incoming fire I'm almost certain that the Romney people and other people on the overall lot more -- -- speaker Gingrich. Gingrich gave himself an escape route from that warm and Fuzzy pledged he told his staff that he reserves the right to respond when his record is distorted. They gives him plenty of room to fight back. Karen Travers ABC news Washington. We -- out of seeing the end of Donald Trump's presidential ambitions struck today released a statement saying that he's decided not to moderate the news next debates scheduled two days after Christmas. He says he still wants to leave his options open as a potential independent candidate it should also be noted only two candidates were planning to participate in the debate. It's intense moments were caught on video as Occupy Wall Street protesters tried to shut down the port of Seattle yesterday. Police arrested nearly a dozen people after firing back with pepper spray and stun grinning. Up -- down the West Coast more than a thousand protesters blocked cargo trucks and disrupt imports overnight from Oakland to Portland Oregon to Washington State's. And many are vowing to return today. A date has been set for former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich to Begin his prison sentence Blagojevich will Begin serving his sentence on March 15. A federal -- had agreed to delay it to allow the disgraced governor time to help his family move into a new home. Blagojevich was convicted earlier this year of corruption charges including trying to sell president Obama's old senate seat. Eight courtroom showdown today over how the federal government handled the whole morning after birth control decision. Just a week ago health and human services secretary Kathleen Sebelius. Rejected a recommendation from the FDA that would've allowed the plan B pill to be available without a prescription to girls seventeen and younger. Federal judge Edward Korman will hear arguments to decide if the government acted constitutionally. Britain has drawn up plans for parliament that would make it easier to fire a lawmaker convicted of serious wrongdoing. Voters would have the right to launch a petition forcing any legislator given a prison sentence to resign. The lawmaker would have to step down of 10% of constituents sign the petition.

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