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4:56 | 12/16/11

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The GOP presidential candidates handed out again at another debate in Iowa there were no knock out punches but the fighting was heated enough to signal. Time is running out as we're getting closer to the Iowa Caucuses ABC's Karen Travers have. The story but. Last night the Republican contenders held their fire and focused on their closing arguments I know what it takes to get this economy going pretty conservative. Anybody up here could beat Obama. I hope. -- that Tim Tebow of the Iowa Caucuses. It wasn't Newt Gingrich's best night he didn't trip but he faced relentless sharp attacks from his opponents. We can't have -- -- nominee for the Republican Party someone who continues to stand for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Gingrich's conservative credentials have recently been questioned by his former colleagues in the house right leaning pundits and Mitt Romney. It's sort of laughable to suggest that somebody who campaigned when Ronald Reagan and with Jack Kemp. And has had a thirty year record of conservatism. Is somehow not a conservative. For the most part Gingrich stuck to his pledge to run a positive campaign and -- governor Romney deserve some of the credit governor Romney he wants responded that compliment. Romney certainly hasn't shied away from attacking Gingrich on the trail this week -- he had his opportunities again last night. But instead he saved his toughest -- is for President Obama. This president doesn't know how the economy works. I believed to create jobs it helps to have created jobs. Why read up on Gingrich the Romney campaign believes the relentless negative advertising against him in Iowa is doing the job. They see signs that Gingrich's poll numbers there are falling. Mitt Romney scored a big endorsement today South Carolina governor Nikki Haley. Haley said this morning she wanted to candidate who wasn't part of the Washington -- asked. Karen Travers ABC news Washington. Authorities in Russia say they -- radioactive materials from the luggage of a passenger flying from Moscow to Iran. They found eighteen metal objects inside individual steel cases containing radioactive sodium. Has the investigation unfolds we're also learning that isotopes found in the luggage are used in some medicines. A key player in the WikiLeaks scandal as a preliminary hearing today army private first class Bradley Manning. Is accused of illegally downloading materials on Iraq and giving them to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. -- hearing will help determine whether the US military -- court martial -- His attorney argues the release of the documents did little -- The hearing is expected to last throughout the weekend. Former -- Cisco giants baseball star Barry Bonds got -- with a light sentence for obstruction of justice. A federal judge sentenced bonds to thirty days of home confinement in two years probation. Prosecutors who were pushing for a fifteen month sentence called this sentence -- laughable -- a slap on the wrist. Bonds and didn't comment when leaving the courtroom he was convicted of trying to mislead a grand jury investigating steroid use in professional baseball. We're getting DTL testimony from Penn State assistant coach Mike mccreery he spoke today about the sexual abuse case involving -- send ASCII. And the alleged cover up by university officials ABC Scott Goldberg has the story. He is one of the key witnesses in the case against Jerry sand dust -- and for the first time Mike mccreery is telling -- story in public. In court the queried described hearing and seeing Penn State's former assistant coach in the shower room nine years ago with the boy who -- ten or twelve years old. After hearing what he said were two or three rhythmic slapping sounds like skin on skin. McCrary said I looked in the mirror and shockingly and surprisingly saw Jerry in the shower with a young boy with Jerry behind the boy. We queried said he believed they were having some type of intercourse and the boy's hands were on the wall. It stopped after a query said he slammed a locker door and he left. Feeling distraught the next day when he took the information to head coach Joseph Paterno after first discussing it with his own father. The query said he told Paterno he'd seen something way over the lines extremely sexual in nature. And mccreery says he shared the same information later when he met with athletic director Tim Curley and Penn State vice president Gary salt goes to administrators are charged with covering up what they'd been told about -- dusty. Who's charged with 52 counts of child abuse against ten different boys. They -- the query who's been placed on administrative leave from his job as assistant football coach never told them the seriousness of what he saw. The bar is very low in today's hearing the judge simply needs to decide if there's enough evidence against the two administrators to send their case to trial. Scott Goldberg ABC news New York.

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