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4:21 | 12/23/11

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Transcript for ABC News Update
It's official payroll tax that has been extended for two months president Obama's on the legislation today and then -- try to set the tone for next year. You can send us to this -- Quite partisan games and to see who's up and who's down you sent us here to serve and make your lives a little bit better. To do what's right and fortunately that's how this week and it. The president is now in route to Hawaii -- ought to be spending Christmas with the first family. Powerful storms roared through Alabama and Georgia just days before Christmas. At least seven people were injured and as ABC's Duarte Georgina reports they are among some very lucky to be alive. Eighty mile -- wind swept through parts of the south in Alabama a tornado ripped up trees along with two mile path and left homes barely standing. Having had time to get in the garage view they -- -- It was -- in Georgia high winds toss this family some fifty feet into their yard Davison should -- held onto his pregnant wife and toddler for dear life. Like he bear hug and that in -- -- rolled thirty yard and we still or. We were all holding each other last -- was in the middle of -- -- They were lucky powerful storms and broken glass flying into the northern -- of the state. Causing multiple injuries. It's extremely important story down corroborated and Iraq are living room I'm scared to death. I've never been in this -- wasn't like this it scares me. Overturned cars littered highways downed trees -- -- power lines leaving tens of thousands of people in the dark. And in Southern California Santa Ana winds made mighty trees tumbled. I thought it was coming down I didn't know be as fast as it -- those seeing winds knocked over two tractor trailers and Fontana California instead blinding amounts of sand into the air. Well I'm like this -- today and now. His -- partisan standoff now here we really got Zamboni your eyes and rebounding it well enough -- in time today. Those winds pushed a wild fire dangerously close to one housing division delay -- California. And in the southwest a snow storm was expected to make travel difficult as millions of Americans prepare for Christmas. -- to -- you know for ABC news New York. It's been awhile a couple of weeks for big stories with so much money being spent by online shoppers in fact one big box retailer best buy. Is telling customers it won't be able to ship all its orders in time NBC's -- -- dream -- has the story. Is best buy this year's grinch. With just two days until Christmas a bombshell from the nation's biggest electronics retailer not all of there online orders are going to make it in time for Christmas. There business has been so big this year they say they just can't fill all of those orders. So that iPod laptop or flat screen TV -- ordered and may not make it in time to go under the tree. In a statement best buy said we are very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused and we have notified the affected customers. And if you didn't order from best buy you're not totally in the clear. Those overnight southern storms in western blizzards are wreaking Havoc on shipping schedules. FedEx is warning that there may be some package delays out in the west and behind the scenes at UPS headquarters. Teams of meteorologists are working around the clock to stay one step ahead of the storms. I would say everybody's in good shape to get their packages from UPS this year. And if you haven't shipped yet you still can it will just cost you. If you send a five pound package from New York to LA tomorrow. UPS and FedEx say it will get there by Christmas seat but you'll pay around a 140 dollars. It exchange your gift will get a ride on a couple of the 549. UPS jets it will be scanned around 23 times while -- -- some of the 155. Miles of conveyor. -- the monster hub of renewable eventually catching a final list on one of the 93736. Trucks. Buzzing around the globe. All before it makes that final stop. Under your tree. -- process involved that was ABC's be on ankle injury report.

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