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6:32 | 12/27/11

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The GOP candidates have exactly one week two win over Iowa voters as they crisscrossed the state and -- increasingly nasty -- act. Here's ABC's Karen Travers. The Republican contenders are gearing up for the final sprint with just one week into the Iowa caucus is there fanning out across the state. Wrapping up their buses and pushing their closing arguments. And with many Iowa voters still undecided he could be anybody's ballgame people around the country and especially in Iowa want to make sure that. Their decision -- sound. The latest national Gallup poll is Newt Gingrich on top. In New Hampshire which -- just one week after Iowa Mitt Romney has a commanding lead Gingrich's campaign pledged to stay positive. But yesterday did last year -- -- -- -- Massachusetts moderate. That new tactic may be complicated by a newly discovered memo from 2006. In that memo Gingrich praised Romney for his health care plan. Over the holiday weekend candidates declared a truce no negative ads were on the air in Iowa. But now that the presidents have been unwrapped -- back to politics as usual. Rick Perry that -- and you -- that goes after his opponents who served in congress and -- Washington problems quite trusting us. Nixon the only one who -- -- attacks Mitt Romney who like Harry has never worked in Washington. Romney is a new ad out today that -- he's conservative credentials. -- -- it is something together. -- gonna make it simpler times. It's smarter. -- -- Gingrich Rick Perry Michelle -- all -- bus tours across Iowa. They're looking to be the anti Romney candidate that conservatives rally around. Karen Travers ABC news Washington. The Obama administration will ask congress to raise the nation's borrowing limit by one point two trillion dollars this week. Treasury officials say the increase was necessary because the nation will be within 100 billion dollars and implement back Friday. The move will boost national credit line to nearly sixteen and a half trillion dollars. Your health insurance will be getting more expensive next week thanks to a little known provision of president Obama's health care law. The government will Begin charging a new -- to health insurance plans for research into which drugs tests and treatments work best. Skeptics that the health care law however wonder exactly how the government will use this kind of research on medical -- yes. Police in Maine are now offering a reward in the case of missing toddler a -- Reynolds. 30000 dollars will go to anyone who helps to ultimately find the twenty month old girl it is the largest reward of its kind in -- history. -- father reported her missing ten days ago. A trusted neighbor has confessed to brutally murdering and dismembering a nine year old Indiana girl he'd been babysitting. ABC's Scott Goldberg report. She was a nine year old girl who loved her younger sisters but wasn't with them on Christmas and -- on -- -- wasn't the kind of girl who would just wander off her neighbors said. So they worried this wouldn't end well. This -- -- seem very outgoing very loving. -- she would -- until sisters behind. Friday night a family friend reported -- on -- was missing from the mobile park where she lived in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Last night the local sheriff announced authorities found her body. Unfortunately tonight. The search came to conclusion and we hoped wouldn't happen they arrested 39 year old Mike humidor on murder charges the same family friend who reported -- on a missing. He'd been babysitting the girls because -- on his mother was sick with the flu and her stepfather worked overnight some police say he -- -- -- -- to death with a -- Put her body in his freezer -- dismembered her with a hacksaw hiding some body parts in his trailer. And others at a nearby business this is the individual -- she'd been living with for the last week. Over the holiday weekend the FBI joined the search there were concerns about the mobile home park where -- on -- live. Because it's home to fifteen registered sex offenders. But Mike humidor is not on that list though in the past he's been convicted for trespassing and assault. After authorities interviewed him a third time they said humidor told them where they could find only on his body this is at the conclusion we hope for and we kept that hope that we -- -- -- Troubadour is being held without bail. Scott Goldberg ABC news New York. In recent months gold with a -- the cash in on as its price skyrocketed. But now copper prices are surging and it's not just investors -- taking profits. As ABC's Dan Harris reports is triggering a nationwide crying spree. Check out this crook snaking along a -- way at this elementary school in Miami why is he doing this because moments earlier he got hurt as you can see in this grainy video. When he fell off the roof while trying to commit his crime. Subject than a second story this elementary school presumably to steal copper that guy joins a rogues gallery of other thieves stealing copper from utility poles. Air conditioning units churches you name it all over America. Copper prices have been elevated for quite some time and I would imagine that's one of the reasons. Why it makes copper attractive to them. As the price of copper climbs to almost three and a half dollars a pound about five times what it was worth a decade ago crooks are getting more brazen. Watch as copper thieves strike in broad daylight at a power station in Washington State. -- these ones who casually walk away with a tub full of copper from a substation in New York. And this -- just rolling away a huge -- of cable from this telephone company's storage yard. Michael -- scrap metal business in Orlando was hit so -- he set up a surveillance system routed directly to his home. You watch the video -- live feed and check out what he -- the crook hiding in the back of a truck when he hears cops show up. Look at the left side years straight he hides while officers walked right by him several times. Eventually though they find his hiding spot. And -- him. -- was ABC's Dan Harris reporting while the thieves usually pocket just a few hundred dollars the cost to repair the equipment can run into the thousands. In total copper theft costs the US economy an estimated one billion dollars a year.

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