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6:22 | 01/04/12

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A major shake up in last night's Iowa Caucuses has left two new front runners and one political casualty. ABC's TJ Winick has the story from -- point. Just call him -- do not met Rick Santorum managed to come within eight votes of Mitt Romney in Iowa game on. Claiming the front runner is not a true conservative. And yet this morning Romney didn't sound worry. Rick has focused this effort and I think it a wise way entirely -- Iowa. I've been campaigning in other states of putting together. The kind of organization which I I believe would get me the 11150 delegates I made it Santorum -- to have a chance he'll have to raise money and organize quickly. In upcoming primary states you can rise in the -- interestingly without a lot of money and without doing a lot of resources but can you stay in this race that will be the test I'm Rick Santorum the former Pennsylvania senator -- -- a boost from other candidates suspending their campaigns. After earning just 5% of the Iowa vote. Michelle Bachmann announced this morning she's dropping out of the race. Last night the people of Iowa spoke. With a very clear voice -- so I have decided to stand aside. Texas governor Rick Perry came in fifth place and sounded like a candidate on the verge of calling it quits. I decided to return to Texas. Assess the results. Tonight's caucus are. Continuing on to New Hampshire or one -- who finished a strong third. And Newt Gingrich who has been plummeting in the polls but has suggested he is about to hit Romney with a barrage of negative advertising there will be a great debate. In the Republican Party. Before we are prepared. To have a great debate with Barack Obama. Mitt Romney will get a big endorsement today in New Hampshire the 2008 Republican nominee John McCain. Who bested Romney -- that GOP primary. TJ Winick ABC news. De Moines Iowa. Mitt Romney coming off last -- razor thin victory over -- and -- Iowa Caucuses just got a major endorsement. John McCain the 2008 Republican presidential nominee told a crowd in New Hampshire that while he was feeling a bit nostalgic. That wasn't the reason was there today. I'm really here for one reason and one reason only. And that is to make sure that we make Mitt Romney the next president of the United States of America and New Hampshire. And New Hampshire is a state that will catapult him on to victory in a very short period of time that's why I'm here. -- and the acrimony ahead in the race Rick Santorum dismissed the McCain endorsement calling McCain a moderate member of the Republican -- who sits in with Romney's view of the world. Republican presidential candidate John Huntsman will get -- company today he was the sole candidate stumping in New Hampshire but the other candidates. -- now be crisscrossing the granite state today. The former U dot governor didn't even bother to campaign in Iowa focusing all -- resources on next week's New Hampshire primary Huntsman told a group of supporters. Nobody -- to -- in Iowa. The Obama administration is dismissing a new threat from Iran but the threat is already pushing oil and gas prices higher. Iran is warning that US military to stay out of the Persian gulf which is a key oil transit route. Meantime oil prices have risen to nearly 103 dollars a barrel just as gas prices rose another nickel last week we could see an average of 340 -- gallon by the middle of this month. The murder mystery at -- British royal estate appears to be deepening. Police now say the body found on noon Thursday at Queen Elizabeth -- country estate -- young woman who was most likely on murder victim. -- BC's nick -- has the latest from London. The royal family spent the holidays here at Sandringham and the day after Christmas as always they hunted across this land. Tossing unknowingly perhaps within feet of the mystery corners when -- -- why don't -- -- the New Year's Day. Locals are -- And mr. -- The -- thing you expect campaign. The body is female no sign of gunshot or stab wounds but police do not believe she died of natural. -- is -- suspect that the thing to do has just -- that we move we've looked as. Suspicious to -- The queen who is still in residence just a stone's throw from where the body was -- is being kept informed. And in local -- that's -- yeah. As a bit of a mystery. Yeah yeah there's so much for. An -- we wanted to know what happens to -- open. Why didn't exist admired -- and royalty is always irresistible there's speculation but no proof it. Queen Victoria's grandson was Jack the -- -- It wasn't even in London at -- time from. Makes a good story and -- -- and a one time friend of Prince -- is still Britain's most famous fugitive. He disappeared forty years ago after the family nanny was -- -- -- just having connections throughout -- Canada and crossed that -- -- Sandringham estate has become. Seen in the King's Speech -- the showdown between old king George and stammering currency. We've become actors. We're not sounding -- rumor has it the queen has blocked construction of -- highway -- -- this cold corner of England. She doesn't want -- in true. On her peace and quiet bats shattered now they're royal hideaway has become CSI. Censoring -- That was ABC is -- Watts reporting from London. Parts of northern Germany has been battered by severe weather strong. Winds and heavy rain -- Trees and damaged houses and cars but no injuries -- in the morning but more severe weather is in the forecast. North Korea could become one of the globes next tourism hot spots. Travel agents reported an increase in interest since the death of dictator Kim Jong-Il. Right now the majority of North Korea's tourists come from China. Only about 3000 westerners visited the country in 2010 in part because it's tough to get a visa for a visit there.

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