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3:55 | 01/05/12

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One police officer is dead and five more are hospitalized after they were shot serving a drug related search warrant in -- -- ABC's Scott Goldberg has more. Officers with a special anti drug task force came to this neighborhood in Ogden Utah with the search warrant. They ended up in a gun fight or we heard three three -- We didn't know what they were first neighbors said within minutes it sounded like war in this neighborhood about forty miles north of Salt Lake City. Officers moved in on one house six officers were hit and so was one suspect who took off running. You can see in the backyard of the house that they -- out there -- young that the suspect two shown an answer you don't get down get down. When it was over Ogden police officer Jared frank -- was dead a seven year veteran of the police force survived by his wife and two young children. This comes after a particularly violent year for police officers in 2011 for the first time in fourteen years. More officers died from gunfire -- traffic incidents or any other cause last year overall police fatalities were up 16%. The number of officers killed in shootings went up 20%. In Utah the violence last night could add to this year's numbers the five other officers who were hurt have injuries ranging from serious to critical. The suspect's name is Matthew David Stewart. Mr. -- how they've limited criminal history. And. Officers ran after the one suspect in this shooting cornered him in -- shed and arrested him. His injuries are not life threatening. Scott Goldberg ABC news New York. A tragedy in the halls of a Texas middle school where an eighth grader was shot and killed after police say he pointed a weapon. It turned out to be a pellet gun did police overreact. ABC -- Geraldine -- capacity house. Fifteen year old Jaime Gonzalez was standing in the hallway of -- middle school when police in Brownsville Texas fatally shot him. Investigators say the eighth -- was -- but the teen's father believes officers opened fire to quickly. -- -- I -- I understand in -- gun but I mean that soon -- times and then one in the head. Brownsville police thought the -- had what looked like a handgun it turned out to be this pellet gun but police say there -- other factors at play but being assaulted. Another student. And then he was found to be in possession of a pistol officers were called to the school the start of the day the ten showdown was recorded over the dispatch radio. Got picked up -- seven -- Angola and other like should receive direct -- While they. Were they called it a little bit but it's inevitable -- The schools -- locked -- students huddled under desks officers claimed despite repeated orders the -- refused to put the pellet gun down. Then within earshot of hundreds of students. About what you think about not fired at. Yeah. According to police officers -- Gonzales three times with rifles two bullets hit them then they tried to save them. Why -- -- -- fires Gonzales was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. I mean that's a necessary. Who's he was a -- -- -- of the child might have. I don't have anymore. An autopsy has been ordered and a full investigation is under way. No one else was injured during the shooting in New York towards it -- the you know for ABC news. -- massive pileup in Texas where marsh -- sent -- driving conditions there extremely dangerous. Fog and smoke from the fires blinded drivers leading to this fifty vehicle chain reaction rack. The accident sent dozens of people to hospital it left four in critical condition.

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