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2:58 | 01/19/12

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Canadian freestyle skier Sarah Burke has died from injuries sustained in a training accident. The 29 year old was being treated for a massive head injury but did not pull through. Burk was a four time X games champion at the time of her accident she was training for upcoming winter events. A hospital statement says she suffered a ruptured cerebral artery. She was the best known athlete in her daring sport and -- the way for women in freestyle skiing. General Motors has -- claim the title of the world's top selling automaker. GM said that sold just over -- nine million cars and trucks worldwide last year. Up nearly 8% from last year. Germany's Volkswagen took second place Toyota which took the crown away from GM in 2008. Suffered production and sales -- from last year's earthquake and tsunami. For the second straight month the US economy has avoided inflation the Labor Department says consumer prices were unchanged again in December. Prices were up for some things like food and housing. But those costs were offset by lower gas prices inflation for all of 2011. Was about 3%. 2000 -- eleven was the worst year on record for construction of single family homes the Commerce Department says construction started on -- And 607000. Homes nationwide -- That's the lowest number since record keeping began fifty years ago. Construction of apartments has been on the rise. New York investment bank Morgan Stanley posted a fourth quarter loss of 275. Million dollars today. A reversal from its gain of 600 million a year ago the loss stemmed from the bank's settlement last month with a bond insurer. MBIA had accused Morgan Stanley of being misleading about the quality of the mortgage backed securities it wanted insured. Bank of America has reported earnings of two billion dollars in the fourth quarter of last year -- Reversing a loss from a year earlier the bank sold the debt and its stake in a Chinese bank offsetting losses in its investment banking business. At higher legal expenses over mortgages. President Obama is turning his attention to the nation's tourism industry the president traveled to Disney world in Florida today to announce a new plan to boost tourism to the United States. And create more jobs involves making it easier for tourists who want to visit the US to get. The message of the day. America is open for business but his visit wasn't all business. I confess I am excited to -- making. It's always nice to meet a world leader who has bigger -- -- me. Travels to New York tonight -- a round of fundraisers.

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