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3:08 | 01/20/12

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Transcript for ABC News Update
The Republican battle for South Carolina is going down to the wire just days ago Mitt Romney was on the high -- huge victory but now. Newt Gingrich is riding the wave of his second surge of the campaign. ABC's Karen Travers reports from Columbia, South Carolina. Last night's fiery debate may be a turning point in this Republican race. Three days ago Mitt Romney look like he was cruising to another victory. But here comes Newt Gingrich on another surged fueled in part by his strong debate performances. As you know your ex wife gave an interview to ABC news that another -- the Washington Post she says that you came to her. In 1999 at a time when you're having an affair she says you asked her server. To enter into an open marriage. Gingrich turned to potentially explosive. Issue in -- was eating attack on the media I am frankly astounded. That CNN would take trash like that. And use it to open the presidential debate. Romney was once again on the defensive about his career in business including his work -- the head of the venture capital firm that downsized companies. -- had a strange -- -- stays like this for Republicans having to describe how private equity and venture capital work and how they're successful and how they create jobs T Gingrich is battling with Rick Santorum to be entitled Romney choice for south Carolina's large number of conservative voters last night was -- -- strongest performance these two guys from playing -- is what the last. Obama wins South Carolina tomorrow could -- the nomination but it Gingrich rides this latest surge to victory it will be the first Republican race -- a different person. Wins each of the 31 -- is that is never happened in modern Republican nomination processes. Tomorrow's results may determine how long this race goes on if Newt Gingrich wins it's on the Florida and may -- beyond. Karen Travers ABC news Columbia, South Carolina. How badly did the Republican candidates want to win South Carolina. -- the campaign ads -- have reached a staggering twelve million dollars and TV stations are struggling to keep up with the demand for air time. Immediate market is saturated with a mostly negative ads which have run approximately 25000. Times. Demonstrators and more than 100 cities nationwide are planning to occupy the court's. It's in protest of last year's Supreme Court ruling that removed most limits on corporate and labor spending in federal election. A coalition called moved to a men said it's kicking off petition drives. For a constitutional amendment to overturn the ruling that it feels gives more power to the rich in elections. Facing a storm of protest over Internet piracy legislation senate and house leaders said today they will put off further action on the measure. Senate majority leader Harry Reid said he was postponing a test vote for Tuesday. And House Judiciary Committee chairman Lamar Smith. Followed suit with a similar house bill. Today's decisions come amid protests from Internet companies and search engines who -- over regulation and censorship.

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