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3:55 | 02/16/12

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A payroll tax cut deal has finally been hammered out in congress is two weeks before the current extension. Was set to run out here's ABC's Karen Travers. Late last night congress delivered some good news for millions of American taxpayers. -- is. For more. A lot of people 116. Million Americans. With little drama lawmakers reached a deal to extend the payroll tax cut through the end of the year. This means working Americans will be able to keep a credit of up to 1000 dollars this is good for the country third country. The deal also extends jobless benefits for millions of long term unemployed it -- -- 27%. Cut in payments for doctors who treat Medicare patients. Those two provisions are paid for but the tax credit. That's going to add about a hundred billion dollars to the nation's credit card. The tradeoff is more spending today in exchange for less spending a year from now two years three years from now -- -- Victory for President Obama who made the tax credit when it is tough election year priority. -- as soon as congress sends me of that extension. Of tax cuts. Unemployment insurance to my desk I will sign it. House Republicans may not be united behind this deal. It's -- tough pill for the Tea Party Republicans to swallow but the party leadership desperately wanting to avoid only unnecessary drama with election. A looming I am not. Going to allow Democrats. In the senate. To -- to to continue those. Stop that this bill. -- -- a tax -- runner and sixty million Americans. Congressional leaders -- -- the extension on Friday it's expected to pass with bipartisan support. Karen Travers ABC news Washington. -- yet another health scare over arsenic in our food supply and this time involves a common sweetener. In baby formula and cereal bars NBC's TJ Winick reports. First it was apple and grape -- now high levels of arsenic are being found and all foods that use organic brown rice syrup as a sweetener. The main culprits cereal bars and toddler formula in the first year of life. Formula for many babies is is their main source of food and took get a high level of arsenic there. You have to worry that a -- taking in. A level -- it could be dangerous researchers at Dartmouth College studied seventeen different types of formula the two kinds with elevated arsenic were organic. And listed organic brown rice -- up as the number one ingredient. The issue is now coming to light as racer -- is more and more used as a replacement for high fructose corn -- Cereal bars are concerned but not as much as the formula. -- can -- -- less because no one should be having energy bars is a main source of food. But if you're concerned about this you can read the label and go with a product that doesn't have -- is that one of the top five ingredients. These -- organic arsenic in question -- known carcinogen is linked to certain types of cancers cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It's used in pesticides and animal feed before making its way into the soil -- we get rice apples and more. They're going to be seeing that that that comes back to haunt us in terms of our food supply what we really need is to to be looking at standards for food in general in terms of toxins like arsenic. Among those who should be most aware of these findings are those on a gluten free diet. Because many gluten free foods are rice based TJ Winick ABC news New York. Federal health officials are investigating an E. Coli outbreak that has been traced back to the Jimmy John's sandwich chain at least. A dozen people across five midwest states have all fallen sick. The Centers for Disease Control says that the E. -- came from raw -- Jimmy John's was linked to a Salmonella outbreak two years ago.

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