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3:20 | 02/17/12

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A developing story out of Washington DC where authorities arrested a man who is allegedly planning an attack on the capitol building. FBI agents had been monitoring the suspect for some time now. They say the suspect thought he had a suicide bomb -- but it was a fake. It's believed the -- -- of Moroccan descent authorities say that -- no time was anyone in danger. -- more details on the story as they come in. Johnson & Johnson is recalling all bottles and infant Tylenol because many parents are apparently having trouble with the new bottle design. The redesigned models introduced three months ago retired as a big safety improvement to make measuring just -- -- -- It's apparently not working parents are complaining that the plastic syringe pushes the flow are stricter into the bottle. Weather -- half a million bottles are being pulled from store shelves. Congress has passed legislation extending the payroll tax -- for 160. Million workers. In jobless benefits for millions more. The votes in both the house and sent it what overwhelmingly in favor in a rare burst of Washington bipartisan ship. Under the bill workers would continue to get to keep on average about eighty bucks a month. A maximum unemployment coverage would drop from 99 weeks to 73 in the states. With the worst job markets but most states topping out at 63 weeks. The man known as the underwear bomber has been sentenced to life in prison. Two years after trying to bull a plane over Detroit. Prosecutors played this FBI video showing what would have happened if Umar Farouk Abdul -- columns bomb had detonated as planned and Christmas 2009. He showed no remorse and told the judge she would have been proud to kill in the name of ala. The United Nations General Assembly is calling for Syria's president to step down. They strongly condemning human rights violations of his regime the -- was the strongest international condemnation yet -- president Bashar Asad. Russia and China were among the countries refusing to support the measure -- UN estimates at least 6000 people have died in Syria in the eleven month uprising. One of the nation's top war correspondents has died while covering the uprising in Syria. 43 year old Indonesian -- was a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter for the New York Times she -- and the photographer had slipped into Syria across the border from Turkey. With help from god and horseback -- -- apparently suffered an allergic reaction to the horses in died of an asthma attack. His photographer carried his body back into Turkey a Christian and Ayman -- causes death a staggering loss. The emperor of Japan is set to undergo heart bypass surgery. And -- act -- arrived at the University of Tokyo hospital today to prep for Saturday's bypass procedure. The seventy year old -- heart condition has worsened in the last year he has cut back on public duties. The government of the Netherlands is reporting that the second son of queen -- -- has been seriously injured in an avalanche in Austria. 43 year old prince for -- -- is hospitalized in intensive care after being buried by the avalanche at the ski resort of lack. No announcement princess Tea Party was injured.

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