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3:54 | 02/24/12

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-- -- and Rick Santorum are both battling for votes in the key state of Michigan both Republican presidential candidates are close in national polling. And next week's primaries in Michigan and Arizona could give the winner some added momentum before Super Tuesday. ABC's Karen Travers has the story. The battle for Michigan is going down little wire. Today Mitt Romney -- of critical speech. Final push to win -- voters in his home state. Earlier this week Romney intriguingly this key point of our tax policies create growth are spending policies balance our budget. And it and finally that our entitlement policies make sure we can protect those entitlements ranil proposed 20% across the board cuts on income tax rates which he says will boost the economy. -- create jobs right we know what it takes to get Washington to work. So that America can work so that Michigan can work if -- candidates in the. And a lot of time on the trail talking about social issues that's not what voters want to hear. An ABC news Washington Post poll last month -- 51% of Americans said the most important issues -- -- are the economy and jobs. No other issue -- double digits morals and family values came in -- just 3%. This morning members of the United Auto Workers Union blasted Romney for opposing the 2000 -- government bailout for General Motors and Chrysler. And Rick Santorum. Slamming him on this issue who's on the side of Michigan workers. He supported the Wall Street -- well turning his back on Michigan workers. But he had any doubt that gives you -- details change Laura -- also opposed the auto bailout basement I had principle oppose government coming and. And bailing out a sector of the economy or an industry. With government dollars. But it may not matter in Tuesday's primary in new poll found that 50%. At Michigan Republicans oppose the bail out. Karen Travers ABC news Washington. With oil prices on the rise gasoline prices are spiking and many parts of the country. Most of us are now paying close to four dollars a gallon the highest ever for this time of year ABC's -- Bradley reports. American's pain at the pump could have big political ramifications. Gas prices have gone up twenty days in a row making many Americans angry Traci. With experts predicting gas prices to -- five dollars by Memorial Day President Obama argues it's not his fault. We've got to have a sustain. All of the above strategy -- develops every available source American -- Yes oil and gas but also wind and solar and nuclear and biofuel. The White House worries the high cost of fuel could undermine the economic recovery and undercut the president's chances at reelection. A ten cent rise in prices would cost the average American family more than 93 dollars per year. Every ten cents that gas goes up takes eleven billion dollars out of consumers' wallets over the course of a year. People here complain all the time that's. Direct money that's coming -- -- the economy's failure thanks. Republicans say the president's energy policies have driven up the cost of fuel here in the US. They argue fewer permits for drilling under the Obama administration and the rejection of the Keystone Pipeline have driven supply -- The president dismissed the GOP plan to lower fuel costs. Since it's an election year -- dusting off their three point plan for two dollar gas. And also -- the suspense. Step one is to drill in step two was to drill and then step three is to -- girl. Seven in ten Americans and a new Associated Press poll say the cost of gas is a deeply important issue. 58%. Disapprove of president Obama's handling of the situation. Come on Bradley ABC news Washington.

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