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3:29 | 02/29/12

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Transcript for ABC News Update
Nearly a dozen people have been killed more injured in a storm system that spawned at least ten tornadoes across the midwest. From Nebraska to Missouri ABC's Sam Champion has the latest. And windows blew. And -- want to prolong my uncle will live to hit deplored cheated gunned down here all. -- residents of Harvey -- Kansas are lucky to be telling the tale of last night's tornado which touched down in the dark of night just after 9 PM. Just like a shot down one -- At least eleven nighttime tornadoes were reported from Nebraska to Tennessee including Nebraska's 1 February tornados since 1955. Causing massive damage to homes and property the -- of -- -- -- was hit hard. -- -- Taken out by about 40% of the buildings in the -- -- -- there's still a part of -- calmest but still there if that is about it has been destroyed. A lot of -- damaged the last building down including church -- apartment complex. Officials say that -- least one person who was trapped in a building had to be pulled from underneath the debris. And was taken to the hospital in critical condition. -- definitely a surprise there and there were more people are. Once you. People have opportunity go through look good -- You'll understand you know -- extent of the damage. Kansas governor Sam Brownback declared a state of disaster. Downed trees close highways and power lines are down throughout the area. Everybody was looking after their neighbors and they didn't talk to check other -- and neighbors. But that was very very good feeling good -- do see that reaction from the community. That was ABC's Sam Champion reporting. For the first time since Monday's deadly shooting teachers and staff for a return to work -- charging high school in Ohio. Students return on Friday and as ABC's Scott Goldberg reports the seventeen year old accused of pulling the trigger could be charged as an adult. Still overcome with grief hundreds in -- in Ohio tried to console each other in the cold warmth comes from. A lot of places. But little comfort has come from TJ Wayne's first court appearance where prosecutors said the seventeen year old seen here on FaceBook. Admitted firing ten rounds at a group of students in the high school cafeteria did you you do -- you have a right to counsel or in Europe -- -- to turn -- in this matter is that correct. Lane said little in court just yes sir to the judge prosecutors call him someone who is not well. And I want -- -- yet we can't have a shooting and I. Coal cleaning and -- -- okay. Monday morning lane is accused of pulling -- 22 caliber handgun out of the back. And killing Demetrius human Russell king junior and Daniel -- or all seen here in their yearbook photos. Get shot fired multiple gunshot to. Subject got to let let I would I -- -- Prosecutors say lane chose his victims randomly this is not about bullying. This is not about drugs some students say lane was -- and usually alone one of his friends who apparently saw the shooting wrote on FaceBook. I wanted so bad to try and help you but I could see in your eyes you didn't care anymore. I'm sorry buddy. If there's any good news here it's that one of the two students who were injured but not killed is now out of the hospital. Blaine will most likely be charged as an adult when the formal charges are filed today or tomorrow. Scott Goldberg ABC news New York.

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